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Submitted Sat 17 Jan '09
All the Best Daily Deals, Coupons & Discounts

Yipit aggregates and recommends the best daily deals in your city. We collect all the great daily deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Scoop St, Tippr (and about 130 others). We... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jan '09
P2P 2.0 -- P2P File Sharing in the Browser

LittleShoot is P2P 2.0, peer-to-peer file sharing from one of the creators of LimeWire, Adam Fisk. LittleShoot defines P2P 2.0. Easy File Sharing in your Browser Streaming P2P... Read more

Hot reviews

  • Gesturely
    Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Lemon Group Messenger
    A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud
  • Zinkerz TOEFL
    Pass your 'English as a second language' test the first time!
  • Photocon
    An easy way to stich two photos together without using Photoshop
  • Invasion: Online War Game
    Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile
  • Why.Not?
    Change the way you interact with people and events online
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  • JobZapp
    The job search app for graduate,...
    Submitted Fri 28 Aug '15
  • Scroll and Find
    Can you find the right person on time?
    Submitted Thu 30 Jul '15
  • Findera
    Make Google more beautiful
    Submitted Sun 12 Jul '15
  • Park Assistance
    Find the nearest parking for your...
    Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
  • WhereDat
    Search engine for your phone
    Submitted Sun 28 Jun '15
  • Musteus
    Search engine and monitoring tool
    Submitted Fri 29 May '15
  • VIVPRA Campus App
    Find Bachelor Degree Programs Based...
    Submitted Fri 29 May '15
  • WordGame - word search game
    This addicting indie word search...
    Submitted Sun 24 May '15
  • buysmaart
    a website that uses artificial...
    Submitted Sat 23 May '15
  • Yoke
    Track what matters to you
    Submitted Sat 23 May '15

Rocket Lawyer

Submitted Tue 13 Jan '09
Free Legal Documents: Wills, Contracts, Legal...

Rocket Lawyer makes it easy to complete essential legal tasks yourself. Create your Living Will for free, plus get many other legal forms and Free Legal Help online today. Make a... Read more


Submitted Tue 13 Jan '09
Clustering search engine

Clusty queries several top search engines, combines the results, and generates an ordered list based on comparative ranking. This “metasearch” approach helps raise the... Read more

Just Hear It

Submitted Mon 12 Jan '09
Search the web for any song in the world

An on demand music discovery service. You can instantly listen to any song you want without signing up or paying anything. Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Jan '09
Similar image search engine

GazoPa is a similar image search service on the web. Users can search images from the web based on user’s own photo, drawings, images found on the web and keywords. GazoPa enables... Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Jan '09
Search analytics tool designed for SEO

Concentrate is a search analytics tool designed for SEO and paid search professionals who want to make sense of search keyword data and make the most of search investments. Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Jan '09
Hotel Search Engine is a hotel reservation site. Scanning multiple online hotel reservation sites it shows you the best rate available for the hotel that you wish to book. It also... Read more

Hot Name List

Submitted Sat 10 Jan '09
See Today's Best Available COM Domains. No... service that gives you over 100 new-and-available COM domain ideas every weekday. What’s so special about our domain names? Well, first of all, these domain... Read more


Submitted Fri 9 Jan '09
Torrent Search Mashup

KiwiTorrent is a site where you can search in the biggest torrents’ trackers. Why use KiwiTorrent? Because you don’t have to choose one tracker, you can switch between... Read more