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Submitted Tue 20 Nov '07  ·  2 comments
Mix your search here!

PolyCola cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching some search engines at the same time. According to various online statistics, most people in different countries such... Read more

Clever Hippo

Submitted Tue 20 Nov '07
Application Search

Find apps and widgets for your social network, mobile device, blog, home page, or desktop… Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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    Advanced analytics for your website
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  • Localmint
    Connecting consumers with local...
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    Showcase Fine art, Antiques,...
    Submitted Mon 21 Jul '14
  • Yeti
    Connect with local knowledge
    Submitted Thu 10 Jul '14
  • Stonepromoter
    Natural Stone Search Engine
    Submitted Tue 24 Jun '14
  • PiContacts
    Smart Phone Contacts Manager
    Submitted Tue 20 May '14
  • Sleio
    Sleio is a search engine that donates...
    Submitted Tue 29 Apr '14
  • Askt App
    Journal by daily questions
    Submitted Sat 26 Apr '14
  • Nuggety
    Discover Search
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  • Zodio
    Be in the know with Zodio
    Submitted Thu 10 Apr '14
  • MyMundus
    Refinding information easily
    Submitted Sat 29 Mar '14


Submitted Mon 19 Nov '07
The Search Engine for IT

Simply put, Paglo is the world’s first search engine for IT. Think Google for IT. Use the open source crawler and discover everything about your computers, network and... Read more


Submitted Mon 19 Nov '07
What's Good In Your 'Hood?

Looking for great Italian food in Little Italy? Want the closest florist to your house? Type in your address or the kind of business and we’ll show you who it is. Once you... Read more


Submitted Mon 19 Nov '07
MetaSearch Document Clustering Engine

iBoogie is a search site developed and owned by CyberTavern. This site using Clusterizerâ„¢ – a clustering engine developed by CyberTavern. You now have a way to navigate... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Nov '07
Searching over 10.000 ontologies

Swoogle lets user-agents search for Semantic Web Documents, especially Semantic Web Ontologies. There are two relevant queryType available: ontology: search a small collection... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Nov '07  ·  1 comment
The Ultimate in Consumer Electronics Search

Retrevo is the first dedicated search engine developed specifically for pre-purchase research, shopping and post-purchase support of consumer electronics. Retrevo is a single... Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Nov '07
Search the internet visually

Eyealike enables you to go beyond text-based searching to find what you’re looking for. It’s as simple as these three steps… See: Looking for your dream date?... Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Nov '07  ·  1 comment
Search more than 100.000.000 property records

Now you have access to the same data the professionals use. It’s easy, free, and instantaneous. Expert tools. First-hand knowledge. From the leader in property information,... Read more


Submitted Fri 9 Nov '07  ·  18 comments
Searching eBay Made Easier

GetItNext wants to help you find the actual items your looking for when shopping on eBay. Usually when you search for something on eBay, such as an iPhone, you’re bombarded... Read more