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100,000 recipes at your fingertips

Recipe Kitchen Recipes for You & Your Kitchen
Review posted Sat 7 Sep '13

To me, the hardest thing about cooking dinner is actually coming up with the idea of what to eat in the first place. I have no problem with knocking something up in the kitchen but it is that touch of inspiration that's generally needed to stir me into action. That's why a food, recipe and cooking application like Recipe Kitchen is such a useful thing to have around. It's a beautiful looking app for iOS that offers over 100,000 searchable and easy to find recipes. Where this differs from many similar food apps is by providing a barcode scanner where ... Read more

Increase online visibility with this easy store locator

Ubilocal Your Cloud-based Store...
Review posted Fri 27 Jul '12

Ubilocal is a geolocalisation store locator application for the business with several different outlets. It provides the tools to create and customize all your store locations displayed on an interactive map and can easily be part of an advertising campaign either through its own website, integrated into yours or someone else's site, within an online shop or even via your Facebook profile as an iFrame. It's primarily a service for your customers but can also be yet another part of an overall campaign to grab a little more attention for your brand and add to your increased online visibility encouraging ... Read more

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All I want for Christmas is...a pony!

iWishfor The fun and easy way to save...
Review posted Mon 26 Mar '12

Do you have any idea what you are buying your family and friends for Christmas this year? No, there are very few of us that do this early in the year. iWishfor is a social gift shopping application for iPhone that let's you plan your Christmas shopping nice and early and find gifts that your extended family actually wants rather than having to pick up some makeshift gift the week before the event.   What usually happens in my house is that i swear every year that i will be organized in my present buying endeavors. I will check out ... Read more

Complete POS to make your flower shop grow

FloraMenu Where flower shops come to...
Review posted Sat 11 Feb '12

If only every store adopted a system as forward thinking and organized as FloraMenu the world would be a better place. Here is a marketing application designed for flower shops that would be a boon to adopt for every single retail shop in town. Not only a point of sales system but a complete customer relations management system that enables you to keep track and manage the wants and needs of every single customer that comes into your store instantly. It gives you the best possible chance of growing your business by providing the best customer service that a retail ... Read more

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Let's Shop - Grocery shopping list is just a swipe away!

Submitted Today
Managing and remembering your grocery shopping is...

Managing and remembering your grocery shopping is easier than ever before with Let's Shop - the exciting new gesture-based grocery shopping list manager! With Let's Shop, you... Read more

To Buy List

Submitted Tue 23 Jun '15
Shopping list app facilitating the organization...

Tired of repeatedly forgetting what to buy from several stores? How many times did you pass nearby a shop and missed that something you had to buy? 'To Buy List' is the... Read more


Submitted Thu 14 May '15
Automatic price checker

An App “Cheapwatcher” is a flexible tool for most popular local or worldwide shopping platforms. Every item or service that is priced can be monitored, let it be... Read more


Submitted Wed 13 May '15
Easy Expense Manager

Redspark launches its new app Easy expense for Android. This application is useful to manage expenses depending upon the number of individuals. Manage your expenses according to... Read more


Submitted Wed 13 May '15
Discounted Shopping

Our App offers free coupon vouchers for online shopping. Grab best deals & buy anything from anywhere at attractive discounted rates. -Our App is developed for offering... Read more

Submitted Wed 6 May '15
Premium Custom Removable Stickers

Upload your own image and order Premium Removable Stickers from AnyCling! These are beautiful multi-layered Removable Sticker/Clings that feature a wonderful Glossy shine, a... Read more