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Recapture abandoned Magento online shopping carts for free and bring your customers home Easy Magento Abandoned Cart...
Review posted Wed 19 Aug '15

According to recent statistics, close to 70% of potential ecommerce customers abort their transaction somewhere between filling their shopping cart and organizing payment. That's a tremendous amount. It's hard enough to get people to come to your site in the first place without them walking away empty handed - especially after they've gone to all the trouble of choosing their goods and putting them in their cart. I guess you could go through them one by one and work out why they left. Maybe your payment system is too complicated? Are you selling your goods at too high a price? ... Read more

Follow up on incomplete shopping cart transactions

CartStack Abandon Cart Re-Marketing for...
Review posted Mon 31 Dec '12

It's said that nearly three quarters of all online shopping cart transactions don't get completed before going to purchase, for one reason or another. It may be that the customer doesn't have their credit card readily available or they don't understand the form they are filling in. It might even mean that their dinner is ready and they will  have to "finish it next time." So, you've done all the hard work to lure the customer  to your site, they've made a decision on buying something but you don't get the dollars. What can be done to encourage those people ... Read more

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    Submitted Wed 13 May '15
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    eCommerce Product Upload, Product...
    Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
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    The Easiest way to sell online
    Submitted Fri 22 Aug '14
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    Yovigo makes it easy and enjoyable to...
    Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
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    Listonic - your list, only better
    Submitted Thu 13 Feb '14
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    Submitted Fri 15 Nov '13
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    Ready to use multilingual online...
    Submitted Tue 5 Nov '13
    The Online Subscription Marketplace
    Submitted Fri 9 Aug '13
  • TrackChat
    Live chat that makes more sales and...
    Submitted Wed 9 Jan '13

It's easy to build your own online shop

zubibu DIY mobile version of your...
Review posted Thu 21 Jun '12

It's becoming increasingly obvious that a mobile version of your shop is becoming more and more essential for the savvy businessperson. With people turning away from conventional Main Street retail shopping it makes total sense to provide a way your customers can still purchase your goodies safely and securely without having to take the number 47 bus to your door. zubibu is an easy to use and cost effective ecommerce application for your mobile that provides everything you need to launch your mobile shop in just a few minutes.   If you are looking to establish an online shop or ... Read more

A shopping cart to manage your mobile store

Mob eCommerce mobile ecommerce, shopping...
Review posted Thu 23 Feb '12

Times are tough out there in the retail world but there is one area that's on the up and up and that's sales via smartphones. Mobecommerce is an ecommerce shopping cart application for Android and iPhone and gives you all the tools to manage your mobile store effortlessly and with optimum efficiency.   Internet powered smartphones have become the godsend of the online retail market and are now a vital link in the world of online sales. People enjoy the luxury of on-the-go web access and the search for information and resources on the web with their smartphones. It seems ... Read more

Shopping Cart Apps


Submitted Mon 9 Nov '15

We would like to bring together all retail outlets to display their shops, products and offers to our website. So it works like a local repository where people can find out the... Read more


Submitted Wed 13 May '15
Discounted Shopping

Our App offers free coupon vouchers for online shopping. Grab best deals & buy anything from anywhere at attractive discounted rates. -Our App is developed for offering... Read more

The Data Processors INDIA

Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
eCommerce Product Upload, Product Data Entry...

We are a leading data entry outsourcing company based in New Delhi, India. We cater to all types of data entry outsourcing services such as Online Data Entry Services, Offline... Read more


Submitted Fri 22 Aug '14
The Easiest way to sell online

Shopio is a new generation ecommerce platform that enables small to medium sized businesses to promote and sell their products online without any technical knowledge or... Read more


Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
Yovigo makes it easy and enjoyable to make and...

Yovigo make the experience of creating your dream website easy and enjoyable. With a variety of apps and themes to choose from, Yovigo gives you all the tools you need to... Read more