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'Scuse me while i kiss which guy? Find your favorite song!
Review posted Thu 16 May '13

We've all got an embarrassing story about misheard lyrics in songs that you think you are totally familiar with. Desmond Dekker's classic hit "The Israelites" always baffled me when I was a kid because I was convinced that Mr Dekker was telling me that his 'ears are alight.' Maybe you had to be there. Of late, there was a Foo Fighters song where I always wondered who the Allison was and why it was the last song he'd write to her. It wasn't until recently that I found out that Dave was singing "I listen, but your out of tune" ... Read more

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Radio Frequent See

Submitted Sat 14 Nov '15
find your favourite radio station using Radio...

Radio Frequent See is an android baed app that enables users to find their favourite radio channels from a directory of 4500 Canadian stations. It gives users an option to search... Read more

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Submitted Sat 19 Sep '15
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Bollywood News

Submitted Sat 23 May '15
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Submitted Mon 19 Jan '15
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10hours Lullaby Song

Submitted Sun 26 Oct '14
The best FREE Android Lullaby App

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Brazilian-Portuguese 'The easy way'

Submitted Thu 1 May '14
The fastest and easiest way to learn Portuguese

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Submitted Fri 17 Jan '14
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