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When you need something more than a spreadsheet

Flextory Easy Data Management
Review posted Sat 19 Jan '13

It's a bit sad really. The fact is, the days of the spreadsheet as we know it, are pretty numbered. While they have served us well, they can be a little cumbersome and better results and analysis can be achieved using other methods. Whether we are using them as an inventory at home for books and cd's or in a business sense to log personnel details or research documents it makes more search now to use a data management application instead. Flextory is an easy to use Software as a Service management system where you can create a spreadsheet for ... Read more

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Submitted Wed 23 Jul '14
Obvibase makes creating an online database as...

There are a few things we miss in spreadsheets when we are working with data that has a structure to it. If, for instance, you want something as simple as a column of checkboxes,... Read more

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Submitted Fri 18 Jul '14
A simple way to keep track of everything

pknoa! is a very simple way to keep track of everything. It uses natural language processing, to help you store, quantify and organise information. All you have to do is... Read more

Binary Tree

Submitted Thu 26 Jun '14
Say no to spreadsheets

BinaryTree is an online platform for Operations Teams to create, manage and find the documentation they need. With BinaryTree you can finally say no to spreadsheets. It allows you... Read more

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

Submitted Thu 5 Jun '14
Easily repairs corrupt Microsoft Word document

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery software is a competent tool that can easily repair corrupt Microsoft Word files. With this tool you can fix almost all types of Word file corruption... Read more

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

Submitted Mon 26 May '14
Best way to repair corrupt Excel file

Stellar Phoenix Excel repair tool is one of the most proficient software to repair corrupt Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file. It easily repairs corrupted Microsoft Excel file in just three... Read more

Office ToGo

Submitted Thu 27 Feb '14

Microsoft Office Viewer, Document & Spreadsheets Editor, PDF Maker, Voice Recorder, Document Scanner and File Manager, all features in a single app. TOP FEATURES: + Able to... Read more


Submitted Wed 8 May '13
Put your organization's contact list on...

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone, and EasyGrouper leverages your existing devices to centralize your organization’s contact list. Everyone added has instant access to... Read more

Docs Reader for Microsoft Office

Submitted Sat 19 Jan '13
Best All-in-one Document reader for iOS ever made.

This app allows you to view and manage your Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word or PDF documents, Power Point presentations or text files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can transfer... Read more