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A simple way to put all your favorite links on one start page

StartMe Stop entering those same URLs...
Review posted Mon 17 Jun '13

Bookmarking and browser extensions have always been a very messy aspect of computing. It's rare that people manage to find the time to box up their favorites and use them on a regular basis. I know mine is a mess. There have been big flashy startup pages that have tried to solve the problem but they tend to be over complicated and just don't get used. To be quite honest,  I don't know of any apps that provide the perfect answer to the problem. So when a simple no frills start page like StartMe comes along it's got to be ... Read more

Get instant access to everything you use on the internet in one page

Startific Startific, the could homepage
Review posted Mon 3 Jun '13

It's probably the introduction of devices like smartphones and tablets that have brought about the likes of an app like Startific. iPhones and iPad have their apps lined up so neatly and precisely within the interface that we now realize how pleasant and efficient it is to have all our accessible information laid out at our fingertips via their colorful icons. Startific is a beautiful, functional and customizable startpage where you can import and organize all your most important links, bookmarks, icons and widgets so that they are now just a fingertip away from access.   Startific is a very ... Read more

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  • The Billion Dollar App
    Leave your footprint and own a piece...
    Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
    Personal online start page and site...
    Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
  • myLinkCloud
    My personal internet desktop.
    Submitted Wed 19 Sep '12
  • Stickero
    Decorative Stickers – a New Design...
    Submitted Wed 6 Jun '12
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    Use #tags to control the web!
    Submitted Wed 28 Mar '12
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    Submitted Fri 23 Mar '12
  • LinkCloud
    the best way to bookmark
    Submitted Tue 31 May '11
    Free personalized newspaper style...
    Submitted Wed 2 Feb '11
    Your Web Homepage
    Submitted Mon 27 Dec '10
  • Piggy's Page
    A Simple Straight-forward Start Page
    Submitted Mon 2 Aug '10

One Page One Place

TizzR One Page One Place
Review posted Thu 8 Sep '11

There are plenty of sites on the net like TizzR. Somewhere to keep all your favorite social networks, web sites, search engines and emails together in one place. Just one click will take you anywhere you want. TizzR is a free tool for storing everything away neatly. Read more

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Your Start Page Start Page Your Start Page
Review posted Tue 6 Sep '11

Wouldnt it be great if you could bookmark and access easily all your favourite sites on the internet. Rather than searching for, or typing, your favourite social networking site letter by letter how about if you could just click a button for each page you wish to look at. Ditto for all your favorite sites. Read more

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Because your start page shouldn't get in your way

Blinkdash Because your start page...
Review posted Sat 27 Aug '11

Yadda yadda - another gizmo browser start page....but, errrr, hang on....this one is....errrr....quite good actually!  Read more

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Start Page Apps

The Billion Dollar App

Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
Leave your footprint and own a piece of internet...

The Billion Dollar App makes it possible to interact with people and businesses globally, with the aim to become apart of history. This app is a internet time capsule, with... Read more

Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
Personal online start page and site promotion...

For starters, functions as a new Internet homepage. Individual users collect thumbnail links to their favorite sites. This saves the trouble of entering the same information... Read more


Submitted Wed 19 Sep '12
My personal internet desktop.

myLinkCloud is a free bookmark service, which allows you to create your personal gateway to the internet by combining all your favorite links on so-called clouds. Rather than... Read more

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