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The new way to create, design and market your email campaign

acumbamail You create the content. we...
Review posted Fri 21 Mar '14

It wasn't that long ago when email marketing was lumped in with the dreaded 'spam' word and was something to be avoided. It had its brief day in the sun but it became obvious that blanket emailing was largely a waste of time and money and better results would come from a much more targeted audience and a marketing campaign that can be tracked and analyzed. Acumbamail is a new email marketing and tracking application that makes it simple and cheap to manage a fully customized email campaign and get stats and analysis galore to track how well it is ... Read more

Social proving to turn visits into conversions

UserStats Grow your Web Business with...
Review posted Sun 9 Feb '14  ·  107 comments

Our friends at UserStats are offering an amazing deal just for FeedMyApp readers. - 3 Months FREE Usage of UserStats - 1 Hour Website Review and Killer Tips from a Worlwide Conversion Rate Optimization Expert (worth $500) - FREE Split Test on Optimizely to measure the impact of adding the widget   The promo code is 'FeedMySite30' and it's available to the first 30 users that signup. Read more

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Complete stats and analysis for your Pinterest

PinAuthority Pinterest analytics dashboard
Review posted Tue 3 Jul '12  ·  22 comments

There are some Pinterest users that use it purely for it's entertainment value while the are others that utilize it's popularity by advertising products or events on the social network. PinAuthority is a social media analytical application that lets you track and analyze your Pinterest statistics as well as having an in depth look at the top 1000 users on a daily basis. This free monitoring tool gives you a great overview of your Pinterest statistics by logging  how many followers you have, how many people you follow, pins, boards, likes and repins.   PinAuthority is an online application with ... Read more

Find out who's importing the good stuff

Sicex Sicex is a online database...
Review posted Wed 9 May '12  ·  4 comments

With the employment situation the way it has been for the last few years it's no wonder there are more and more people out there looking for new opportunities or trying to hold onto and improve on what they have got. Importing and exporting is an option that can't be ignored. Buy from one country - sell to another that wants it or sell to stores in your own country. Sicex is an online database that lists imports and exports to and from 26 different countries allowing you to analyze your competition or find out where to get that set ... Read more

How influential do you think you really are? Klout will tell you...

Klout Tracks influence across the...
Review posted Fri 2 Dec '11  ·  4 comments

How influential do you really think you are? You know what they say...sometimes it's not so much what you know as who you know. Klout works along those lines. It is a social analytical business tool that tracks the impact that your messages make and also analyzes your friendships and professional connections and your influence on them. Klout is an app that's all about personal publishing analytics and understanding the impact of your messages. Read more

Let the Answers Find You

Newscurve Let the Answers Find You
Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11  ·  22 comments

If you run a news or blog site, or indeed if you run several of them, NewsCurve is likely to be something of real interest to you. Some of the guys contributing to your site might not think so but hey that’s their problem. Read more

Beautiful Dashboards for Real-Time Metrics!

Leftronic Beautiful Dashboards for...
Review posted Fri 28 Oct '11  ·  9 comments

Leftronic creates beautiful and powerful dashboards for your company's most important data. No matter whether you are tracking web engagement, user activity, server stats or, most importantly, sales you will be kept totally up-to-date. Leftronic is a very cool looking domain stats tool for Real-Time Metrics that gathers together allm   Leftronic's software makes it incredibly easy to deploy powerful dashboards to track the data that matters most and enables companies to monitor their key metrics in real-time! The user can aggregate a company’s metrics from numerous services like Google Analytics, Twitter and Zendesk and present them in a visually ... Read more

Change the Way You Think About Analytics

Gauges Change the Way You Think...
Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11  ·  21 comments

Are you a bit snowed under with overview data from your websites?  It can be hard to get an overall view of the real picture when it's spread across so many pages. You are doing the right thing in analyzing your sites but it would be nice if all that relevant information could be collated onto a single page for simplicity, wouldn't it? Gauges is a domain stats tool that will change the way you think about analytics by collecting and analyzing the web traffic data for all your sites and presenting them to you on one single page making ... Read more

E-Mail Tracking, Analytics and Templating

Toutapp E-Mail Tracking, Analytics...
Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11  ·  22 comments

When it comes to starting a business it’s hard enough to find the time to get all the ducks in line before it launches let alone after. Throughout all of this activity the one thing you must continue to do is spread the word and market, market, market! Read more

Data into stories

DigMyData Data into stories
Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11  ·  4 comments

The guys behind this app have put some serious thought into it and anyone with a web based business will surely find some of its features provide for eye opening analysis. Read more

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