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Store large files in the cloud and access them from anywhere

SendItz - Send, Share, Store Files SendItz enables you to send,...
Review posted Sat 23 Feb '13  ·  310 comments

Sendltz is a free, cloud-based iOS and Android application that enables you to send, share and store photos, videos and documents and share them across any of your devices. Nothing too unusual about that, you might say? In the past FeedMyApp has reviewed some terrific and similar apps to this one, including Book My Cloud and iFrame Browser, but the difference here is that, with Sendltz, the size of the download can anything up to 2GB per file with a massive 1TB personal storage space available in the cloud. This lets you keep a copy of your important files in ... Read more

A virtual office that is perfect for small business

Just2Cloud Your Virtual Office
Review posted Tue 12 Feb '13  ·  28 comments

While there have been many cloud-based accounting and invoicing apps that have passed through our virtual hands here at the FeedMyApp offices over the last few months not many are as comprehensive or cost effective as this one. Just2Cloud is a new inventory and accounting system that cries out for attention - especially by the small business community - because it serves as a virtual office. Here you can create quotes and invoices, create and manage customer and supplier accounts and track your inventory as well as generating sales reports to analyze where you may be going right or wrong. ... Read more

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Everything you need to take your retail store online

Gazelle Point-of-Sale Web-based Point of Sale with...
Review posted Thu 13 Dec '12  ·  29 comments

FeedMyApp has reviewed some brilliant business apps over the years but very few offer everything that Gazelle Point-of-Sale does for the small to medium-sized online shop. It offers everything from a complete inventory, customer and staff management systems all the way through to an e-commerce capability to take the retail world easily into the realm of online shopping - so essential in these changing times. Gazelle can be used simply with a Software-as-a-Service option or it can be installed directly. This cost effective set of business tools works on all browsers including iPad and could well be the e-commerce option ... Read more

Increase online visibility with this easy store locator

Ubilocal Your Cloud-based Store...
Review posted Fri 27 Jul '12  ·  22 comments

Ubilocal is a geolocalisation store locator application for the business with several different outlets. It provides the tools to create and customize all your store locations displayed on an interactive map and can easily be part of an advertising campaign either through its own website, integrated into yours or someone else's site, within an online shop or even via your Facebook profile as an iFrame. It's primarily a service for your customers but can also be yet another part of an overall campaign to grab a little more attention for your brand and add to your increased online visibility encouraging ... Read more

Store Apps

Flappy Jet Crash

Submitted Wed 26 Mar '14
The best way to fly a jet

Help the jet survive the crash! Save the people on board! How to play? Tap to fly your flaps. Just tap tap tap tap! WARNING! *FUN AND ADDICTING GAME* Read more


Submitted Fri 21 Mar '14
Deals at Stores Near You

Recently launched in the U.S. after establishing a solid user base in Europe, Shopfully is a FREE app for Android, iOS and Windows 8 that makes it easy for shoppers to discover... Read more

Plata POS

Submitted Wed 12 Mar '14
Simple but powerful sales management application...

Plata POS it is sales management (mPOS, mobile POS) application developed for Android platform. Using very simple but intuitive GUI you can register your sales using build in... Read more


Submitted Wed 5 Mar '14
OnPimwi is a free app that allows you to publish...

We take extremely powerful tools that professional marketers use (Product content management, Digital Marketing Software), and we make them accessible to anyone. Marketing... Read more

Appaloosa Store

Submitted Tue 7 May '13  ·  20 comments
Create your enterprise mobile App Store

Create your private and secure mobile application store : forever free trial plan! The benefits in having your own Enterprise App Store : - Share your apps with your team... Read more

Gaudi Bruno

Submitted Thu 4 Apr '13  ·  22 comments

Meet Bruno - the cuddly brown bear cub that just can’t help but to explore! Bruno is just as adventurous as your child, and they can watch his story unfold - just as their... Read more