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Next generation money management for the financially challenged

RedMica Money management for the rest...
Review posted Sun 16 Dec '12  ·  36 comments

As much as anything else, RedMica is kind of like intervention for the financially damaged. This cloud-based financial application is aimed at giving the more 'money challenged' of us the same opportunities for sound financial advice as the big guys and is a great way to manage your personal finances -all from your mobile phone. This next generation intuitive money management device uses powerful analytics to work out what you've spent, what you can spend and what can happen to you if you spend it and gives you a great overview of your financial affairs.   RedMica is the next ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 17 Mar '15
Quick and easy vehicle mileage tracking

LogbookHQ allows small business people, contractors, freelancers, sales people, or anyone who has to use a car for work purposes to be able to record their trips and expenses... Read more

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    Submitted Tue 17 Feb '15
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Submitted Tue 17 Feb '15
1099 Independent Contractors: Pay Less Tax

Tabby helps 1099 Independent Contractors keep track of their business expenses to pay less taxes. It enables an individual to securely connect its credit and debit cards to our... Read more

Jetpack Workflow

Submitted Tue 30 Dec '14
Recurring Client Management

Jetpack Workflow is a recurring client management application so that nothing falls through the cracks. With a focus on accounting professionals (although applicable to all... Read more


Submitted Mon 1 Dec '14
Online accounting software for freelancers and...

More than 35,000 small businesses and freelancers are discovering an easy way to manage their books and invoicing. Say hello to FreeAgent. FreeAgent is an award-winning online... Read more


Submitted Mon 30 Jun '14
Digital Wallet for your receipts & loyalty cards

Free up extra space in your wallet by keeping your receipts and loyalty cards digitized and in the cloud using iqBoxy. It is a fast, intelligent and a secure method to store... Read more

Tax Refund

Submitted Mon 10 Jun '13  ·  28 comments
tax refund, tax rebate, uniform tax refund, claim...

Express Tax Refund is a UK company, specialising in claiming tax back from HMRC (Inland Revenue). We have over 15 years expertise in claiming over paid taxes and processing tax... Read more

free finance aid

Submitted Wed 4 Jul '12  ·  22 comments
The real free and professional financial aid

This site displays useful financial help with related to our daily life to help reader do better with their money.Articles are about financial products like... Read more