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The ultimate source for vectors and clipart

4Vector 180,000 Free vectors
Review posted Mon 15 Jul '13

While there are plenty of free clipart and vector sites available on the internet, there can be very few that are quite as comprehensive as this one. 4Vector contains a vast selection of free, high quality vectors, backgrounds, graphics and clipart that could well end up becoming the designers' best-kept secret. 4Vector is a simple to navigate library with a search engine to help you find pretty well any free logo, badge or brand name as well as a ton of beautifully drawn original images to brighten up your artwork.   4Vector is one of the biggest vector image libraries ... Read more

Free website design for the small diner, cafe or restaurant

Mydinersite Free restaurant website...
Review posted Sun 21 Oct '12

There are some restaurants out there that are taking thousands of dollars per day but that's probably unlikely to happen for a little while until you've established yourself pretty well. In fact, with the way the economy has gone in the last few years, the small restaurant really hasn't got the money to splash out on web design. So when a free web site template app that is specifically designed for the, let's call it a bijou eating place, it's worth sitting up and taking notice.   Lets face it, NOT having a dedicated website for your business in these ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

A place to store and manage all your stuff

HeapNote Your Information Manager
Review posted Mon 2 Apr '12

HeapNote is a custom-fit online notebook that lets you manage your ideas, bookmarks, to-do lists, expenses or anything else that is important to you. It does this by utilizing an extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use interface and fulfills the role of information manager that is geared to small businesses as well as private individuals.   HeapNote is an Information Manager for small business and individuals and lets you manage all the stuff that's important to you with an easy to use interface. People use it for tracking bugs, managing their business contacts not to mention storing your recipes ... Read more

A focus group to pre-analyze your website

Tesdor What Do Your Users Really...
Review posted Wed 29 Feb '12

So, you've designed your website and are ready to go live and you think that its looking pretty good - but how do you know if it's what your viewers want? If it were a movie it would be put in front of various focus groups to get feedback on whether it looks and works well. Tesdor takes the place of the focus group by offering any number of tests on your website to give you the amount of feedback that you think you need.   Tesdor is a safe and secure web design research and review application that's used ... Read more

online resume builder with free resume templates

Interactive Resume Builder online resume builder with...
Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11

The art of resume writing has vexed people for a long time due to the changing nature of tastes. In today’s fast moving world hirers are more likely to want a snappy one pager than reams of paper resembling a biography.   Read more

The best magento theme design

Themes Magento The best magento theme design
Review posted Wed 4 May '11

While Themes Magento isn’t exactly web 2.0, this site will help you to create a killer web 2.0 site for your business.  If your site runs the Magento e-commerce platform you need to visit Themes Magento where you can find Magento Themes designed to improve your conversion rate, boost your SEO ranks & build brand. Read more

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Valentine Lover

Submitted Sun 24 Jan '16
valentine day,valentine tee shirts

Tee shirts for valentine lover. Performance Dry technology wicks moisture to keep you cool & dry. Contoured construction for performance fit Runs small. Size up 1-2 sizes for... Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Apr '15
We help people present better

INK PPT is an online marketplace of premium digital communication templates for individuals and organisations globally. Our templates helps in distinctive, lasting, and... Read more

Custom Shop Template Design Service

Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
Creative Shop Template Design to Revolutionize...

We have assembled together a great team of designers, developers and marketers, passionate about design and creativity. We believe, that those businesses, who are not only... Read more


Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
Insect Of Unique Information....!!!

Android,Facebook,Twitter ,Social tricks and Technical information,Entertanement, Hollywood,Bollywood...Visit site for latest Updates...!! Read more

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