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A simple and effective app to help prevent parking tickets

Parking dot RIP Parking.RIP makes parking...
Review posted Mon 9 Nov '15

Is there anything more frustrating and completely pointless for a motorist than getting a parking fine? We all know that half the time it's simply a revenue earner for the company or local jurisdiction and it doesn't seem to matter too much whether you are one minute or one hour over your time limit. Parking inspectors take little notice and the fine seems to be exactly the same. Parking.RIP is a new GPS based app for Android and iOS that helps in a number of ways and makes parking fines history. Read more

The ultimate in project management

Fuseboard Work together around deals,...
Review posted Mon 26 Aug '13

The only thing that really needs to be said about this social project management application is that if every business used it, the world would be a better (and certainly better organized) place. Fuseboard is a safe and secure, cloud-based business application that provides a comprehensive platform for all your connections and collaborations while adding, amongst other things, a familiar-looking social element to proceedings. This powerful and beautifully put together set of tools delivers an advanced CRM and a truly classy project management tool that provides an intranet for your workers as well as a superior social feed for your ... Read more

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    Floor plan plugin for event software
    Submitted Wed 25 Mar '15
  • Dryfta
    Today's conferences run on their...
    Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
  • Ticket Forest
    No fee ticketing solution
    Submitted Tue 10 Mar '15
  • VAMOS - The Event Guide
    Discover the most relevant events in...
    Submitted Sun 8 Mar '15
  • shubaloo
    Effortless concert discovery
    Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
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    supercharge your event registrations
    Submitted Tue 10 Feb '15
  • Fuseboard, LLC
    Work together, seamlessly.
    Submitted Fri 30 Jan '15
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    The best way to buy cheap theatre...
    Submitted Thu 27 Nov '14
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    Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
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    Submitted Tue 26 Aug '14

Submitted Wed 25 Mar '15
Floor plan plugin for event software is a plugin for ticketing and event registration websites that makes it easy to sell reserved seating tickets: ticket buyers can select their seats on an interactive... Read more


Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
Today's conferences run on their ability to...

Today's conferences run on their ability to connect. The Dryfta platform brings you extensive social profiles for attendees and speakers, along with registration, ticket payments... Read more

Ticket Forest

Submitted Tue 10 Mar '15
No fee ticketing solution

Ticket Forest allow's event promoter's to create and sell ticket's for free. No more service and process fee's to sell tickets to your event/function. With Ticket Forest you get... Read more

VAMOS - The Event Guide

Submitted Sun 8 Mar '15
Discover the most relevant events in your city...

Vamos is an easy to use event guide that helps you gaining access to the most interesting events in your city. You can find everything from Art & Entertainment, Food &... Read more


Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
Effortless concert discovery

Shubaloo is a free live music discovery webapp. You can check who's playing in town, filter the list through tags/genres and play music from them as you browse. You can also leave... Read more


Submitted Tue 10 Feb '15
supercharge your event registrations

Mitingu is an advanced yet simple to use platform that will change the way events are created and managed through the use of intelligent tagging to personalise the attendee... Read more

Fuseboard, LLC

Submitted Fri 30 Jan '15
Work together, seamlessly.

Easy collaboration on everything Fuseboard frees up your organization to collaborate around business essentials. Combine forces to get things done. Email sometimes does the job,... Read more