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Personalize your city guides with Tripomatic

Tripomatic City Guides & Maps Create your own personalised...
Review posted Sat 20 Apr '13

Tripomatic have earned themselves a name over the last few years as one of the better travel organizations. They have always aimed at providing and excellent travel information that helps you create and plan a trip fast. They have been described in the past, as being like a cross between Google Maps, Lonely Planet and Wikipedia. Now they have branches out and are using their travel knowledge to release Tripomatic City Guides and Maps where you can easily create your very own travel guide for over 300 major destinations around the world.   Tripomatic City Guides and Maps lets you ... Read more

Find great parking in major US cities

ParkMe We make parking easy
Review posted Fri 6 Jul '12

Parking is one of the banes of the modern city, isn't it? It can be hard to find and quite expensive. Very expensive if you get parking fines. For the city council it causes headaches as well as a valuable form of income. For the commuter there is little more frustrating than being behind someone new to the city looking for somewhere to park their car and see the sights. ParkMe goes some way to alleviating many of those problems by providing parking data to give solutions to the seemingly eternal problem of big city parking. This free transport and ... Read more

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  • KrazyRide
    Local, Long distance, tour services...
    Submitted Mon 6 Jul '15
  • ASAP Taxi
    Best Taxi Services in Guildford by...
    Submitted Mon 25 May '15
  • HereCabs - Book a cab online!
    Quickest and safest way to book a cab...
    Submitted Mon 4 May '15
  • TeleText
    TeleText is easiest way to share text...
    Submitted Sat 21 Mar '15
  • Wanderu Bus Ticket Search
    Wanderu is the simplest way to find...
    Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
  • Car Rentals Market
    Car Rentals
    Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
  • Samsride
    Samsride connecting drivers with...
    Submitted Thu 6 Nov '14
  • QuikKabs
    QuikKabs is a recently released app...
    Submitted Thu 25 Sep '14
  • Audio Traffic
    Submitted Wed 2 Jul '14
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Submitted Mon 6 Jul '15
Local, Long distance, tour services at the palm...

With KrazyRide , there is no need to call a dispatcher, stand in long line, hail at a taxi on the street or look for tour guide while traveling. Now you can request a driver for... Read more


Submitted Mon 25 May '15
Best Taxi Services in Guildford by ASAP Taxi

You need a cab ASAP? Use ASAP Guildford Taxi to get a ride in minutes. The ASAP App helps you to get a Taxi in all areas of Guildford. Now, Instead of hailing just open ASAP Taxi... Read more

HereCabs - Book a cab online!

Submitted Mon 4 May '15
Quickest and safest way to book a cab in Goa...

Quickest and safest way to book a cab in Goa is through HereCabs! Use HereCabs android app to book a cab. The app allows you to search and book cabs for all routes in Goa and... Read more


Submitted Sat 21 Mar '15
TeleText is easiest way to share text between...

TeleText is easiest way to share text between Phone and PC,Open form your PC web browser to start sharing Help *How to send text form phone to PC 1-From your... Read more

Wanderu Bus Ticket Search

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus...

Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel between any two points in the country. Get the best deals on tickets from official partners, including Greyhound,... Read more

Car Rentals Market

Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
Car Rentals

Car Rentals Market app will easily take the hassle out of finding a great rental car. The app will help you find a car in all major parts of the world by simply entering the city... Read more


Submitted Thu 6 Nov '14
Samsride connecting drivers with passengers

Samsride has your professional private driver on demand. Request a ride with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby professional driver within minutes. It is safe,... Read more


Submitted Thu 25 Sep '14
QuikKabs is a recently released app that helps...

QuikKabs is a recently released app that helps users get a taxi ride faster, for less money while reducing the burden of CO2 emissions on the world. When you are in a cab,... Read more