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Play trivia and earn rice for hungry people

Pocket Rice Pocket Rice is an iPhone app...
Review posted Fri 26 Jul '13

Everyone seems to love playing a few games of online trivia when they have a bit of spare time. There's nothing like pitting your wits against and conquering the computer as it fires question and question at you. It's what's known as a great little time-waster. But how about if your bit of trivia fun could be used in a more philanthropic way? PocketRice is and Australian based charity application for iOS which provides real grains of rice for hungry people all over the world.   Pocket Rice is an iPhone app that aims to go some way to solving ... Read more

Challenge your friends to a social trivia quiz

BattleQuiz BattleQuiz! No Brain No Gain!
Review posted Mon 24 Sep '12

Trivia games are always winners, aren't they. For some unfathomable reason you always want to answer one more question. BattleQuiz is a seriously addictive social trivia game for iOS and Android that features over 10,000 questions covering eight different topics. You can challenge your friends and test your knowledge at the same time on subjects including music, television, movies and even social media.   BattleQuiz is a social trivia game in which friends compete against each other in challenging quiz battles. BattleQuiz provides players with a fun way to test their knowledge on various subjects ranging from Film & TV, ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

Play trivia with a twist

Stumped - Multiplayer Trivia Simply Brilliant
Review posted Wed 29 Aug '12

Everybody loves playing trivia, don't they? Tuesday night at the local pub or bar is always a lot of fun. Stum?ed is an interactive trivia quiz game application for iOS that's fast and requires a sharp brain. So it's perfect to get you going in the morning on the way to work (hopefully, not while you are driving, of course) or for relaxing at home in the evening. But Stum?ed isn't just another trivia game - there are plenty of those around like that. The added twist is the ability to use Power-ups to either benefit yourself or hinder your ... Read more

Trivia Apps

True or False Facts

Submitted Mon 16 Nov '15

A quiz,where you have to distinguish true facts from the lies! Do not miss the opportunity to show off knowledge in True or False Facts game! You will know many new... Read more

City Quiz

Submitted Mon 24 Aug '15
City Quiz - most popular places of the world in...

Q: How many cities can you guess by photos? The City Quiz app will help you answer this question. Pick a continent, guess cities and earn tickets. Tickets are the in-game currency... Read more

Epic or Fail

Submitted Fri 14 Aug '15
Guess if the videos are epic win videos or epic...

Epic or Fail is a new invented trivia video guessing game where players can play through hundreds of viral win and fail video's that are being added on a regular basis, and guess... Read more

Scramble Master Typing Game

Submitted Mon 3 Aug '15
Best word scramble game

The Scramble Master typing game rules are very simple: - find all the possible words, combining the given letters. - The two letters words are not considered in the scramble... Read more

The Trivial Boot

Submitted Tue 12 May '15
Are you the ultimate trivia buff? It's time to...

Do you think that you are the ultimate trivia buff? Do you believe yourself to be a walking vault of useless information? If so, then it's time to prove it! Enter the arena and... Read more


Submitted Wed 29 Apr '15
Kolor. Color guessing Game

Kolor is a online game where you have to be as fast as possible by guessing colors in order to score high. Read more

Answers logo quiz

Submitted Mon 13 Apr '15
Game logo puzzle trivia hint animal quiz

Get “answers logo quiz Trivia” app and have fun connecting the pictures of animal shapes to the name of that animal! This app is perfect for kids because they get the... Read more

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