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Free comparison shopping tool for movies and tv shows

Watchily The best way to watch
Review posted Sat 3 Dec '11  ·  4 comments

Every single DVD retailer these days seems to have it's own pricing policy on individual titles. Some will use individual titles as a loss leader while some will buy large amounts of stock on a good selling title when it hits the right price. Yet quite often, if you just do a straight order on a specific title it will come back to you at the full list price. It makes far more sense to see who is selling it the cheapest at any given time without having to do all the leg work. Watchily compares the price and availability ... Read more

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free videos at

Submitted Wed 9 Jul '14 Watch live mobile tv, online movies,... Watch live mobile tv, online movies, Download Mp4 movies,mp3 songs,cricket score, live videos and more live services Read more

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Music Think Fast! Tv Series

Submitted Mon 28 Apr '14

Amazing, dynamic and exciting, this is the app Music Think fast! TV Series (MTF! ). You can enjoy this app in several languages with unique features such as the multiplayer mode... Read more

What to Watch

Submitted Tue 11 Feb '14  ·  82 comments
Decide which TV show you should watch next based...

Our television recommendation tool means you no longer have to wade through hours of muck to get the shows you really want to watch. By taking your favorite shows and running them... Read more


Submitted Sun 22 Dec '13
watch online tv

watch free online business channels, sports channels and much more for knowledge.. Entertainment was provided by jugglers. plays, movies, and other forms of... Read more


Submitted Tue 5 Nov '13
Ever lost track of your watched movies. We...

Ever lost track of your watched movies. We provide simple, easy solution to track all of your movies in a single place. Read more


Submitted Thu 4 Jul '13  ·  4 comments
Pakistani Dramas, Talk Shows, Funny Videos,... is a video portal where you can watch Pakistani Dramas, Talk Shows, reality shows, cartoons and much more... Read more

Gleek Booth

Submitted Fri 8 Feb '13  ·  27 comments
The best app for true Gleeks!

The best app for true Gleeks! Dress yourself up as your favorite Glee characters! Choose from Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Blaine, Brittany, Artie, Puck, Santana,... Read more


Submitted Sat 8 Dec '12  ·  4 comments
Think and Vote

A thot is a play of the word 'thought'. It represents anything (a thought, an item, a person, etc...) that can be voted on. Thotvote is a concept-based application, where users... Read more


Submitted Mon 26 Nov '12  ·  3 comments
Social network for entertainment

Kamuze is a social network for entertainment. You can check-in and review TV shows, movies and music. Kamuze makes it possible to keep track of what you have watched, collected... Read more