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Best in show document management for small(ish) business

GroupDocs Document Management and...
Review posted Mon 2 Apr '12

We have reviewed several document management applications recently and GroupDocs joins the brilliant OrganiDocs HD, Zilicus PM and Folder+ as one of the better ones. It's a comprehensive web-based service for sharing files and documents as well as delivering a powerful set of management and collaborative tools that enable you to securely upload, convert, view, sign and compare all document formats with colleagues and business partners in real-time.   GroupDocs was designed for small to medium businesses and provides an answer to the perennial problem that is known as document management. It starts with a dashboard where you can see ... Read more

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ezVideo - Free Wifi Video Transfer and Player iOS App

Submitted Sat 10 Oct '15
ezVideo App gives you an easy functionality to...

ezVideo App gives you an easy functionality to transfer your favourite videos and audios to your iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch over wifi from your mac. And watch them anytime... Read more

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Submitted Wed 6 May '15
Premium Custom Removable Stickers

Upload your own image and order Premium Removable Stickers from AnyCling! These are beautiful multi-layered Removable Sticker/Clings that feature a wonderful Glossy shine, a... Read more


Submitted Fri 3 Apr '15
Learnyst helps you to build your branded...

Learnyst helps educators build their branded online school and sell courses. Using Learnyst educators are generating 30X revenue over investment. With your branded online school... Read more

Fan Footage

Submitted Mon 30 Mar '15
view concerts from multiple angles

Watch a concert from multiple angles. When fans record a concert, it sounds terrible on playback. We sync their video with the audio of the gig that night, giving the fans back... Read more

DIY SMS Forwarder

Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
DIY SMS Forwarder - Automatically forward...

Just tell the app what kind of messages from what person to forward and who would you like to forward them to, and from there DIY SMS Forwarder will take care of everything... Read more

Caller Name Talker

Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
Caller Name Talker - Speak out the incoming...

Ever wondered if there is a way to know who is calling while you are driving and the Phone is in your pocket? Or who send you SMS while you are in another room and received an... Read more

Unlock With WiFi

Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
Unlock With WiFi - Automatically unlock phone...

Unlock With WiFi - Automatically unlock phone when it connect to designated WiFi. How it works: When... Read more

16 Bars

Submitted Mon 2 Mar '15
A community of artists and hip hop lovers

1. A new instrumental is released each week. This could range anywhere from J. Dilla to Mannie Fresh to Kanye West. 2. You’re given five days to spit a verse. The earlier... Read more


Submitted Thu 5 Feb '15
Streaming upnp/dlna media center for multimedia...

Arkuda Media Center is an UPnP multimedia software application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices that allows users to easily find, stream, share, control and enjoy... Read more