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Best in show document management for small(ish) business

GroupDocs Document Management and...
Review posted Mon 2 Apr '12  ·  3 comments

We have reviewed several document management applications recently and GroupDocs joins the brilliant OrganiDocs HD, Zilicus PM and Folder+ as one of the better ones. It's a comprehensive web-based service for sharing files and documents as well as delivering a powerful set of management and collaborative tools that enable you to securely upload, convert, view, sign and compare all document formats with colleagues and business partners in real-time.   GroupDocs was designed for small to medium businesses and provides an answer to the perennial problem that is known as document management. It starts with a dashboard where you can see ... Read more

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Submitted Thu 5 Feb '15
Streaming upnp/dlna media center for multimedia...

Arkuda Media Center is an UPnP multimedia software application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices that allows users to easily find, stream, share, control and enjoy... Read more

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  • ArkMC
    Streaming upnp/dlna media center for...
    Submitted Thu 5 Feb '15
  • appcues
    Submitted Tue 11 Nov '14
  • TradeEzi
    The easiest way to find service...
    Submitted Thu 12 Jun '14
  • yoomx uploads
    get 10tb+ of free file hosting
    Submitted Mon 9 Jun '14
  • MapShot
    Real-time SnapShot of the World
    Submitted Sun 18 May '14
    Send large files for free
    Submitted Mon 9 Dec '13
  • Swably
    Upload, download, comment apps.
    Submitted Sat 3 Aug '13
  • EntourageBox
    Let friends upload files straight to...
    Submitted Thu 20 Jun '13
  • Shared
    The best things in life are shared -...
    Submitted Sat 1 Jun '13
  • FileGator
    Advanced PHP File Manager
    Submitted Wed 27 Mar '13


Submitted Tue 11 Nov '14

40 - 60% of users who sign up for a free trial will never come back to use the software again. Appcues is a SaaS platform to help you captivate your users right away and ensure... Read more


Submitted Thu 12 Jun '14
The easiest way to find service providers for...

TradeEzi is a must have app for any home or business owner with little time on their hands and a multiple of jobs needing to be completed! Working with both iOS and Android, the... Read more

yoomx uploads

Submitted Mon 9 Jun '14
get 10tb+ of free file hosting

Everyone knows that limits suck. Here, you are not limited to any download speed or upload speed, there are 60% less ads than on most file hosting websites, and you can share all... Read more


Submitted Sun 18 May '14
Real-time SnapShot of the World

MapShot is the map based photo sharing iTunes app. By leveraging geo-tagging, MapShot displays pictures on the map (not as a pin on the map) wherever they were taken with the... Read more

Submitted Mon 9 Dec '13
Send large files for free

Send large files for free with Share up to 4 GB per upload and 50 GB per day quickly and easily. Simply choose your files, enter your email addresses and click send.... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Aug '13  ·  70 comments
Upload, download, comment apps.

SWABLY is a community where app users and developers communicate with each other directly. You can share, comment and discover apps with friends and people Mission Provide... Read more


Submitted Thu 20 Jun '13  ·  4 comments
Let friends upload files straight to your cloud...

EntourageBox allows you to generate a URL to invite friends to upload to your cloud storage. First, choose a cloud storage service, dropbox, google drive or amazon s3, and name a... Read more


Submitted Sat 1 Jun '13  ·  28 comments
The best things in life are shared - share what...

Shared is a free cloud storage service that helps people safely store, organize and share their media. Share your media with anyone from anywhere whether you're on your phone,... Read more