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Find out if, and when, your emails get read

Was It Viewed The best way to track urls...
Review posted Sun 5 Aug '12  ·  4 comments

One of the great drawbacks to email is that you never really know whether the message you have sent has actually been read by the recipient and you won't know that for sure until you get a reply. I would think that if they could have their time again, the email developers would have added that feature when they designed it. It could be your resume you are sending for a job or you could be applying for a college position so you will probably be biting your nails waiting for an answer. Let's hope your email hasn't gone to ... Read more

Make your Instagrams more Pinteresting A mash-up of Instagram and...
Review posted Fri 2 Mar '12  ·  20 comments

Pingram is a free photosharing application where you can display and share your cool Instagram photos inside a tasty looking interface that works just like the very popular Pinterest. It was developed with both Instagram and Pinterest in mind because those two apps are at the cutting edge of both photo warping and addictive photosharing techniques. What's more, Pingram also serves as a URL shortener and users can get a free URL page with your very own vanity personalized address.   I guess you know a fair bit about the photosharing application  Pinterest by now. Its been slated as the ... Read more

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Social sharing with revenue opportunities Share content online
Review posted Fri 23 Dec '11  ·  21 comments

I always wondered how publishers reclaimed monetary compensation when content on their site is copied. Up until now the answer to that has been "with great difficulty and an awful lot of trust." However, with the introduction of this social sharing and analytical site, there is now an opportunity for publishers to track when their content is copied and also provides a tool that includes a link back to your site when it is pasted. is a win for both the publisher and their audience.  Unlike alternatives like ShareThis and AddThis, is the only social sharing platform ... Read more

URL shortener that pays you The URL Shortening Service
Review posted Mon 21 Nov '11  ·  24 comments

Why would you need to shorten your URL I ask myself? Mine is pretty short anyway. But shortening one's URL is not about most of us. Where it is of most benefit is with something like a particular forum or if you share a link on Facebook or Twitter. is a URL Shortening Service that not only does the shortening work for you but also pays you for the privilege. The only thing that they ask is to put a small advert on your link (which can be skipped). Read more

Online Notes Services - Fast . Easy . Short Online Notes Services - Fast...
Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11  ·  22 comments

This site is obviously still in the development stage as 80% of the functions are still "coming soon". Either that or the cash has run out and finding more is proving difficult. I must say if I’d been asked to consider funding it I would have probably politely declined. Let’s consider the ground breaking capability of the app. Firstly it’s a note taking system that allows you to" take notes quickly and browse your archive". Read more

Url Shortener Apps


Submitted Sun 7 Dec '14
Do more with your links

hive enables you to not only shorten, share, customize and track links but also to manage them in your dashboard. Think of it as a global bookmark bar. Read more


Submitted Mon 3 Nov '14
Dynamic URL with multiple destinations and...

Linkredirector lets you use one dynamic short link to route visitors to multiple destinations, with real time statistics. Benefits for marketers - with Linkredirector you can... Read more


Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14
Leggy is a simple, fast URL shortener with a free...

Leggy is a url shortener. It turns your long ugly links into short, usable urls. Leggy also has a free API that lets you shrink urls from inside your own apps. Read more

Submitted Tue 19 Aug '14
World's shortest URL shortener will redirect the main domain to your URL for 30 minutes. To create a new 30 minutes redirection you need to go to our main page If it is currently available... Read more


Submitted Sat 17 May '14
color-coded evaluation of hashtags' viral...

Enhance your app with Twitter hashtag analytics. 1) Get color-coded evaluation of hashtag viral potential 2) Get list of associated hashtags for your query Read more

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