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30 minute language learning with native speakers

Fluentify Refine English with Real...
Review posted Fri 5 Jul '13

They say that the only way you can really master another language is by conversing with native speakers in a one-on-one situation. This, however, can be an expensive and time consuming business. However, given that so many of us have webcams connected to our computers these days, it seems like a sensible idea to hone your language skills up online. Fluently takes advantage of this by offering 30 minute language learning sessions - with native speakers with a shared interest, no less - at probably the cheapest rates that you will find.   Fluentify connects language learners with real native ... Read more

Keep up with your remote co-workers with video that is always on

Sqwiggle Remote Working, Made Awesome
Review posted Wed 12 Jun '13

Even when your whole workforce is situated on site it's still not the easiest thing to get them to collaborate efficiently. They might be working in the adjacent room and still not be able to get their message across to an individual or the team. Thats why so many companies are using intranet social networks to keep everyone on board. Now imagine how difficult it must be when some of your team members are scattered over different areas of the country or on the other side of the world.   Sqwiggle is a video workroom that is always turned on ... Read more

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    Video chat with your website visitors
    Submitted Wed 9 Jul '14
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    Utimate Communication Beyond...
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Free video chat and the future of communication

Reflap Always stay connected with...
Review posted Fri 21 Dec '12

Back before Facebook hit its tipping point and took over the world it used to be so much fun to get on MSN or Yahoo and chat with your friends all around the world. You could video chat and have conference calls where others could join in and, despite it's limitations, it served its purpose exceptionally well. But when Facebook added chat to its arsenal of goodies it signaled the slow demise of that format and I read recently that Microsoft are shutting down MSN in favor of a revamped Skype setup in 2013. Facebook really hasn't developed the chat ... Read more

Create your own virtual classroom with videoconferencing Any Community can make a...
Review posted Tue 23 Oct '12

The bottom line for this collaboration and business application is that it provides the tools to create a community where you can videoconference, share files and collaborate with others online all in one place. This makes it perfect for online teaching whether it be a small local group or a full worldwide audience. BigMarker is a cloud-based mix of social network and collaborative credentials and is a great 'all-in-one' solution to your online classroom needs.   Lets face it, any community can make a visible and lasting mark on the world, the classroom, the office or any other sort of ... Read more

Did someone say "Get a free video chat room?"

Lifetime The Best Free Group Video Chat
Review posted Sat 8 Sep '12

When somebody tells you to "get a room" on Lifetime there aren't any sexual overtones. That's because Lifetime is a simple, free place where you can host a group video chat of up to 9 people at a time. The 'rooms' are secure and private and there is no need for time consuming sign ups or downloads for your guests. Whats more, your 'room' can also host an unlimited amount of text chat users in the same discussion room and it's all completely free.   Lifetime makes is super simple to group video chat with up to 9 people in ... Read more

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Fuze Releases New App for Windows

Submitted Thu 10 Jul '14
Fuze release new, dynamic experience for Windows

Fuze, a leading enterprise video communication and collaboration service that allows people to work from anywhere, today delivered a new Fuze for Windows application that extends... Read more


Submitted Wed 9 Jul '14
Video chat with your website visitors

Lumelet allows website owners to video chat with website visitors for free, directly from their webpage. The website owner has to just add a few lines of HTML to his webpage and... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 May '14
Utimate Communication Beyond Imagination

WhizXpress liberates you from expensive international calling, managing calling cards for different countries, remembering access codes, managing expensive communication... Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Oct '13
World's Easiest Online Meetings

ClickMeeting is an online meetings, presentations, lectures and collaboration platform that enables participants to log in from any online connection in the world and hold a... Read more