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Answer your customer queries immediately by putting a live chat widget on your website

Pure Chat Website chat, simplified.
Review posted Tue 16 Dec '14

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating things about dealing with businesses is trying to communicate with them. Whether it is dealing with an automated telephone system where you have to press countless buttons just to reach a human being or simply being kept on hold for ages listening to bad Kenny G musak. It's not an ideal situation. Big business does have the benefit of having plenty of staff to answer queries but, if you are a small organization, you generally aren't afforded that luxury. Pure Chat is a live chat application for iOS and Android that lets ... Read more

A community to help your crowdfunding campaign that fits nicely between concept and Kickstarter

Ventrifuge You Built That.
Review posted Sat 6 Dec '14

We all love creative types, don't we? Their minds work in such a way that they can pluck an idea out of the sky and change our lives a little bit with their innovative gadgets and inventions. Many of these people are paid well and have teams to collaborate and expand their original concept. There are, however a growing band of budding entrepreneurs - who are getting younger and younger, I might add - that don't have the vast resources to develop this great lightbulb moment that they want to develop. Where do they find other like-minded individuals with the ... Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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  • EmailJS
    Send emails with Javascript. No...
    Submitted Thu 22 Jan '15
    Create your own photomosaic
    Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
  • DroidTimeClock
    Cloud-based Timeclock.
    Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
  • Online Stop Watch
    Everybody needs a stopwatch...
    Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
  • Ziteboard
    Think Visually
    Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
  • Page00
    simple and easy way to publish...
    Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
  • LiveControl
    Use LiveControl to turn your idea...
    Submitted Wed 7 Jan '15
  • Jetpack Workflow
    Recurring Client Management
    Submitted Tue 30 Dec '14
  • Minute
    Productive Meetings, Together!
    Submitted Tue 30 Dec '14
  • AutoSocial
    Automate your social media campaign
    Submitted Fri 19 Dec '14

A better way to monitor your website for downtime

Pingometer #1 Website Uptime Monitor
Review posted Sat 22 Nov '14

So, you've probably spent weeks and months diligently putting your website together with everything from your latest brand information to ecommerce sales. You probably think that you can relax a bit now and let the website do all the work. Uh-huh? That's a really dangerous thing to do. If something goes wrong with your website and there is downtime, you might not just lose a few sales while it isn't working. There's little more frustrating for the potential customer than a website that doesn't work efficiently and, chances are, those people won't be back. Pingometer is a top notch website ... Read more

A customizable and unique weather app where you only see what you want to see

Cirrus One One weather app...for...
Review posted Sat 15 Nov '14

Being a bit of an artist in my spare time, I've been looking at a lot of clouds lately. The most amazing thing about them is that, apart from their basic atmospheric structure, every single one of them is completely different. Unfortunately, most of the apps that track and inform us about our weather, tend not to be quite so unique. Here is one that takes its name from one of the most beautiful cloud formations up there and offers something a little more bespoke. Cirrus One has been in development for a number of years and finally gets its ... Read more

Lend or trade your stuff with your social friends

Jipio Share and trade stuff with...
Review posted Mon 8 Sep '14

Have a look around you. I bet you have a ton of stuff that works perfectly well and yet you don't use very much - if at all. Most households are the same. We've all got useful stuff that is just taking up space in our homes. Your nextdoor neighbor or the family down the road probably have the same situation. The fact is, when we need something like a circular saw or a bicycle or a microwave, we just go out and buy a new one rather than asking if our neighbors have one that we can buy or ... Read more

Web Application Apps


Submitted Thu 22 Jan '15
Send emails with Javascript. No server code.

Send emails directly from Javascript. No server code needed. Instead of messing with boring email code, connect your preferred email provider (Mandrill, Sendgrid etc.), choose... Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
Create your own photomosaic

MOZAUS lets you create a beautiful photomosaic in just a minute. You've got no idea what to gift to your loved ones, relatives, fiends, bosses or just about anyone? Well then... Read more


Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
Cloud-based Timeclock.

DroidTimeClock is the cloud-based Time clock you have been waiting for. No more expensive devices for just getting a table with the information. DroidTimeClock is a platform ideal... Read more

Online Stop Watch

Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
Everybody needs a stopwatch eventually.

Everybody needs a stopwatch eventually. Luckily is the simplest online stopwatch and countdown timer on the internet. Unlike other online timers, Stopwatched... Read more


Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
Think Visually

Ziteboard is a zoomable whiteboard with easy real-time collaboration on any desktop or mobile device. With Ziteboard you have infinite space to work on with your team in real... Read more

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