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Lend or trade your stuff with your social friends

Jipio Share and trade stuff with...
Review posted Mon 8 Sep '14

Have a look around you. I bet you have a ton of stuff that works perfectly well and yet you don't use very much - if at all. Most households are the same. We've all got useful stuff that is just taking up space in our homes. Your nextdoor neighbor or the family down the road probably have the same situation. The fact is, when we need something like a circular saw or a bicycle or a microwave, we just go out and buy a new one rather than asking if our neighbors have one that we can buy or ... Read more

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Submitted Mon 20 Oct '14
Lead Generation and Lead Mining Software

AeroLeads is world’s most powerful lead generation and lead mining tool ideal using which you can get business leads from Google Yahoo Local, YellowPages, Craigslist, Twitter,... Read more

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    Lead Generation and Lead Mining...
    Submitted Mon 20 Oct '14
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    Submitted Sat 18 Oct '14
    Submitted Tue 7 Oct '14
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    Book Your Life & Style
    Submitted Sat 4 Oct '14
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    Buy, share and sell desktop software
    Submitted Sat 4 Oct '14
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    Trademark Attorney
    Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
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    Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
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    Google Chromebook omparison Chart...
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Submitted Sat 18 Oct '14
Form-based workflow made lightning fast

We empower teams to do more of what they love and are paid to do. Today, an increasing number of awesome B2B web apps are coming to market. They are being adopted by... Read more


Submitted Tue 7 Oct '14
OBITUARe.COM OFFERS AFFORDABLE AND HASSLE-FREE... is a brand new website inspired by its founders frustrations with the world's existing obituary services, which come at a big expense. By offering free online... Read more


Submitted Sat 4 Oct '14
Book Your Life & Style is an online marketplace and platform for Salon, Spa and Wellness industry from Fyno Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is an online space where users can easily find the... Read more


Submitted Sat 4 Oct '14
Buy, share and sell desktop software

Have you ever tried finding a new software? It’s a nightmare… Let’s be honest, majority of websites right now are ugly, old-fashioned and either are illegal or full of ads. That’s... Read more


Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
Trademark Attorney

Avoid infringement with our Comprehensive Trademark Search to see if your business name, logo or slogan has already been taken. Read more


Submitted Thu 2 Oct '14
Productive Bookmarking - Get things done based on...

Rakepage is a website for productive bookmarking. Get things done based on your bookmarks. - Set reminders for your bookmarks so you don't forget to get back to them. - Easy... Read more

Chromebook Comparison Chart

Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
Google Chromebook omparison Chart backed by a...

A sortable, filterable comparison table of all available Google Chromebooks listed with their specifications, country availability and release dates. Read more


Submitted Mon 29 Sep '14
Stay focused with eese

eese makes it easy for you to connect with information and people relevant to you. Stay informed about your individual topics and connect with a like-minded community. eese also... Read more