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A better way to monitor your website for downtime

Pingometer #1 Website Uptime Monitor
Review posted Sat 22 Nov '14

So, you've probably spent weeks and months diligently putting your website together with everything from your latest brand information to ecommerce sales. You probably think that you can relax a bit now and let the website do all the work. Uh-huh? That's a really dangerous thing to do. If something goes wrong with your website and there is downtime, you might not just lose a few sales while it isn't working. There's little more frustrating for the potential customer than a website that doesn't work efficiently and, chances are, those people won't be back. Pingometer is a top notch website ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 12 May '15
Redirect website visitors by geolocation

Geolify is a SAAS based solution to easily create URL redirects for your website based on a visitor's geolocation as well as deliver images and content on your website based on... Read more

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Gradient Generator

Submitted Sun 12 Apr '15
The Only CSS Gradient Tool You'll Ever Need

This tool generates CSS gradient code using an easy to use graphical interface. It supports different options from simple linear to complex radial gradients. Read more


Submitted Sat 11 Apr '15
Plagiarism checker protects your content online

Copyleaks plagiarism checker protects your content online. Copyleaks uses complex algorithms that scan the web for plagiarism online. Copyleaks will check for plagiarism and will... Read more

Free Web Hosting

Submitted Sat 28 Mar '15
Unlimited Free Hosting No Ads

**GoogieHost is now available on Android** We understand your needs and the desire to manage your website on the go. That is why we have launched our official Android app. Now... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 Jan '15
Software for complete website optimization

Webmasters are swamped with work in the form of maintenance, creating content, SEO optimization and analyzing metrics. They have lots and lots of data – but combining and... Read more

WAF Updates

Submitted Tue 16 Dec '14
Stay updated about your favourite web frameworks.

Stay updated about your favourite web frameworks. If there is an update from your favourite web framework. We will notify you by email or a push notification. Read more

Submitted Tue 2 Sep '14
Website Stats and Website Valuation Script - is a full featured Website Stats and Website Valuation Script that will allow you to run your own website with in a minute. It collects information about any domain... Read more


Submitted Mon 21 Apr '14
Ad Revenue Optimization for Publishers

AdPushup is an AdSense revenue optimization tool which can help publishers & bloggers make more money from their existing website traffic. It uses advanced A/B testing to... Read more