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Turn your smartphone into an emergency safety device

SOS - Stay Safe Your Personal Safety app
Review posted Fri 4 Oct '13

While its not exclusive a security and personal safety application that is made purely for women, SOS -Stay Safe certainly could be a life saver for many. The app lets you turn your Android smartphone into an emergency safety device and sends discreet alerts to selected friends and family members with a simple and virtually unnoticeable shake of the device. It's the perfect app for people who feel vulnerable whether it be in a domestic situation, you are being stalked or followed are generally feel in a situation of perceived danger. SOS automatically sends an emergency message, your location, your ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 7 Jul '15
ARGirls, Augmented reality girls, AR,

ARGirls, the Vertices last release, is an Augmented Reality game for Android and IOS. You can interact with a virtual girl in a real environment using the device camera.... Read more

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Dr. Contraction Timer By Tove Grindevoll

Submitted Tue 16 Jun '15
Simple track the date, time, length and frequency...

Dr. Contraction Timer is a must have tool that helps you time your contractions when you start to have frequent contractions and going into labor. It’s a simple app to use, all... Read more

Balachandran RV

Submitted Wed 8 Apr '15
Just Be Sync

Entire India's Ethnic collection is now viewable on your smart phone and tablet. • 100% original and genuine products • Easy exchange or refund for quality issues •... Read more


Submitted Thu 2 Apr '15
DuPlay is the fun way to connect with...

DuPlay is the fun way to connect with not-yet-connected and meet interesting people around you and make a perfect bond, new relationships and link ups. Making a new match, a new... Read more


Submitted Wed 31 Dec '14
Android, Women Safety, Child Safety, Route...

redEye keeps track of you. Automatically alerts your dear one, when you are in danger. Uniqueness: No action is needed from you when you are in danger. redEye automatically... Read more

Kettlebell Workout

Submitted Wed 31 Dec '14
This streamlined app will keep track of your...

Kettlebell Workout is designed to help you keep track of all your kettlebell workout routines yet is simple enough to stay out of your way. If you don't need a babysitter to help... Read more


Submitted Wed 3 Sep '14
A personal security app that can save your life...

OnGuardHelp app is a personal safety app developed by Guardian Inc. in order to offer an effective tool in the hand of every American regardless of their age. The app has an easy... Read more

Vocal Creatures

Submitted Wed 2 Jul '14
We love to hear how beautiful and special we are...

Vocal Creatures is designed with the thought of making every woman feel more beautiful and loved. Women are vocal creatures, we love to hear how beautiful and special we are... Read more

Best Back Exercises For Women

Submitted Tue 1 Jul '14
Best Back Exercises For Women

Wishing to flaunt a toned and sculpted body? Want to wear the little backless number for your birthday? We bring you the Best Back Exercises For Women App for a perfect and... Read more