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Improve the flow of your business phone system cheaply and quickly

IVR Designer Build inbound call flow...
Review posted Mon 24 Feb '14  ·  3 comments

Interactive Voice Response systems or IVR's have typically been intended for use in business to service high call volumes and reduce costs as well as improving the customer experience. They are usually the domain of bigger businesses like banks, tele voting, credit card companies and call centers. Generally, they are used to turn a business into a 24/7 experience or to allow callers' queries to be resolved without the need for queueing and incurring the cost of a live agent. The can also be used to ensure incoming calls are directed to the right people. This can, however, be an ... Read more

Make your pages as pretty as Pinterest

Grid Layout Shock The most complete Wordpress...
Review posted Thu 21 Mar '13  ·  142 comments

If you wanted to present a Pinterest-like look to your Wordpress created site in the past, the chances are that you will have had to have studied a bit of coding to achieve it. If you are not aware of the Pinterest look, it is basically a responsive grid layout into which you can present everything from photographs to general information. Grid Layout Shock is a very flexible and customizable new plugin for Wordpress that just made it a whole lot easier to achieve. You can build any number of boxes of any size and personalize them with different color ... Read more

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    Multiple WordPress Sites Manager –...
    Submitted Sat 27 Sep '14
  • CircuPress
    We are an Email Service Provider...
    Submitted Tue 23 Sep '14
  • ThemeIsle
    ThemeIsle is the only place where...
    Submitted Sun 21 Sep '14
  • PressBackup
    Backup your Wordpress site in three...
    Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14
  • GMAT Free
    GMAT Free is the world's free GMAT...
    Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
  • Raidboxes
    Raidboxes provides you with the best...
    Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
  • PayWhirl
    Recurring Payments & Membership Plans...
    Submitted Tue 8 Jul '14
  • WPCmdCtrl
    Simplified WordPress Management
    Submitted Tue 1 Jul '14
  • Hasan Syed
    Designer & Developer
    Submitted Sun 25 May '14
  • LayoutPress
    Drag and Drop Starter Theme for...
    Submitted Fri 16 May '14

all your techie news in one big Weblog

Web Magazine For Geeks - Webloggerz Web Magazine For Geeks -...
Review posted Wed 28 Nov '12  ·  260 comments

It used to be that, if you wanted to find out what was going on in the world, you would pick up a newspaper or a specialist magazine. You would always be able to find cool and interesting articles about everything from new technology to new techniques in business strategy. Sadly, those days are behind us and the quality of the press is now geared towards the lowest common denominator. You are more likely to read about the latest Lindsay Lohan exploit than a new development in marketing. So, we go looking for interesting stuff elsewhere and one of the ... Read more

Create a jQuery Slider and put Youtube and Instagram on your site

JQuery Slider Shock The Most Complete JQuery and...
Review posted Mon 12 Nov '12  ·  175 comments

So...hands up all of you who know what a jQuery Slider is.  Yes, I thought so - not many of you unless you are a web designer. Well, I'll tell you then, shall I? Funnily enough, it is one of the most used elements of web design these days and is a great help to designers who want to display lots of content in a small space. The jQuery Slider Shock is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram and presents them in ... Read more

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Submitted Sat 27 Sep '14
Multiple WordPress Sites Manager – one tool to...

WPDASH is a multifunctional manager for unlimited WordPress sites. A great tool to rule them all and control every single element of them. One dashboard system to manage multiple... Read more


Submitted Tue 23 Sep '14
We are an Email Service Provider built...

CircuPress allows you to manage your subscribers, send email, and send beautiful daily and weekly newsletters automatically from your hosted WordPress site. Read more


Submitted Sun 21 Sep '14
ThemeIsle is the only place where clients are...

We’re here to help you develop a business with an online presence, not only to sell you a theme. Contact us and share what you have in store; we’d be glad to help. Read more


Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14
Backup your Wordpress site in three clicks

PressBackup allows you to easily and securely backup your Wordpress site with just a few clicks. PressBackup will automatically backup your themes, plugins, uploads, and database... Read more


Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
GMAT Free is the world's free GMAT prep course

GMAT Free is the world's free GMAT prep course. Get an advantage with 800 sample questions and 600 videos, accessible on your laptop, tablet, or phone, brought to you by the "guru... Read more


Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
Raidboxes provides you with the best Managed...

German WordPress hosting for agencies, blogger, designers & startups. German WordPress hosting. Built from the ground up for bloggers, creative agencies, designers and startups. Read more

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