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A beautiful free action adventure game that looks as good as it plays

It's not often that you get a game that looks like a million dollars and plays that way too. Usually, you tend to get one or the other. There's plenty of games out there that have lavish graphics but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to gameplay. Equally, there are a whole heap of games out there that play real well but are lacking somewhat in the visual department. But here we have an action game that seems to cover all bases. Enter The Reveries is an interactive action adventure side-scrolling game for iOS that gives one the feeling of being in a lavish manga movie with glorious ...  More

Enter the Reveries Nov 22nd 2019

A free math tool delivering detailed info about any positive natural number

I believe that it was the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss who said that "Mathematics is the queen of the sciences—and number theory is the queen of mathematics." If you're not sure what a number theorist is, I will tell you now. Number theorists study prime numbers as well as the properties of objects made out of integers or defined as generalisations of the integers. It used to be called arithmetic back in the early part of the 20th Century but, over the years, that term has been stretched to cover several other different forms of mathematics.   More

MetaNumbers Nov 20th 2019

Organize your team with this excellent and free 'all-in-one' project management app

We all know how it works. You're a young company trying to move up the corporate ladder but you haven't got a ton of money to splash out. You pick up some useful apps along the way and pretty soon you come to rely on them. Some work well with other apps - some don't. Some of the best may work with Mac, some with Android and some may well be regular web apps. However, while they may work well, it's more than inconvenient and very time consuming to have to keep switching between one and the other. What you really need is a set of project management tools that all work in conjunction with ...  More

Vabotu Nov 7th 2019

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream with this fine meditation app

According to a recent study by the CDC the use of meditation in the US has risen dramatically over the last few years. In fact, since 2012 the number of Americans who meditate has tripled from 4% of the population to around 14%. For children the rise has been even more significant - rising from 0.6% in 2012 to 5.4% in 2017. I guess it's a sign of the times. People use meditation with many different objectives these days. Some use it to ease their stress levels, calm their anxieties and to bolster their confidence while others use it to help them sleep or to help keep depression at bay. It ...  More

MindT - Guided meditation, mindfulness & sleep app Oct 19th 2019

Check this app out if you're looking for some money-making opportunities

If you look at the latest employment figures, you'll notice that the jobless rate is down to about 3.5% in the US. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it? So, why are so many people still struggling to pay the bills at the end of the month? One of the big problems is underemployment. The underemployed are people that have a job but they may be working only 20 hours a week as opposed to a regular 40 hours.   More

Earn Extra Income: Make Money Online Earn Cash App Oct 17th 2019

Everything you need to make the perfect bet

Right now, it's estimated that the worldwide legal sports betting market is worth close to US$50 billion with that figure expected to double in the next five years. On top of that there's reckoned to be another $150 billion gambled illegally. It's a sign of the times that people love a bet. It could be Arsenal v Liverpool in the English Premier League, Golden State v the Raptors in the NBA or England v Australia in the Rugby World Cup. It also could be whether Trump will be impeached or whether the red snail will beat the blue one. At present, just eleven US states have legalised sports ...  More

Vig it Oct 15th 2019

Market Trading meets worldwide sport. What could be better?

A friend of mine made a very wise observation a while back. He told me that he thought that if you could sit down and hold a knowledgable conversation about sport with someone you've never met before, you'll have a potential friend for life. And it's true, you know. People love to talk about sport. It doesn't really matter which sport it is - soccer, NFL, snooker, ice hockey, darts, table tennis (well, maybe not the last two...) - if you can talk about it with passion and knowledge then you'll get on just fine.  More

Action Market Oct 13th 2019

Much more than just a digital notebook for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Let’s just say, for the record, that I'm not an expert on the science and health industry in the US so this review will be based more on facts than it is on opinion. One of the most important facts for any science-based industry is that there are several protocols that need to be adhered to in order to establish those facts. Laboratory record keeping and accurate note taking are two of the most important of these and, with everything having to be FDA compliant, it's important to gather all the information securely before handing it over to official reviewers. It can be a tricky and ...  More

LabLog Oct 5th 2019

Create the biggest wish list and you'll never get socks and undies as gifts ever again

Buying gifts for people these days is getting harder and harder. Gone are the days when you could simply nip down to the shopping center to pick up a birthday present and buy with confidence. Unless we are totally tuned in to our family and friends there's a pretty good chance we will buy the wrong garment, the wrong shade of eye shadow or the wrong Jo Nesbo novel. There are so many choices out there and we are such long-term consumers that it's never been quite as difficult to buy the exact perfect present as it is these days.  More

Wishfinity Oct 2nd 2019

High quality performance management to oversee your team and keep projects on track

When you run a business with multiple employees it can be very challenging to keep track of just what everyone is up to. Our workers are the ones that get the day to day work done and they're also the ones that forge good relationships with clients. They also have the ability to help increase our bottom line and profitability. But it would be a pretty diligent manager who could tell at a glance whether Amy is struggling to keep up with her workload or whether Jamal is powering on. So, for good sized teams, it's becoming more and more essential to have a performance management app to ...  More

AssessTEAM Sep 26th 2019

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