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One place for all your cheap international phone calls

I wonder sometimes how regular telephone companies ever make any money given the amount of free or virtually free calling options that there are available to the general public these days. You can just sign onto Whatsapp, Viber or Skype and be connected to friends around the world for free in a matter of moments. What's more, the quality of connection is generally good as long as you choose the right service. However, there aren't that many services available that cover the whole gamut of mobile communications. QuickCall is a new phone app that gives callers a better, more reliable, ...  More Oct 5th 2016

Any you thought 'Losing My Religion' was about Michael Stipe's struggle with the church, did you?

Are you one of those people who still can't help singing that 'it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll' whenever you hear that AC/DC classic? Or maybe you're the one that sings "all the lonely Starbucks lovers" in your head whenever you listen to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." Let's face it, you have little chance of discerning what a song is actually about if you can't even get the lyrics right. When you talk to songwriters - and I've talked to a lot over the years - they rarely give you any insight into what their songs are actually about anyway. In fact, they will often ...  More

Lyreka Oct 2nd 2016

A dating app where you can become totally anonymous

When apps like Tinder first came onto the market just a few years ago their audience was perceived to be the quick hook up or were looking for one-night stands. However, as is the case with many new innovations, it has evolved a little into something else over the years. These days, it's as much of a social network as it is a place where you can hook up. It was one of the first 'swiping apps' where the user uses a swiping motion to choose between the photos of other users. Just swipe right for potentially good matches and swipe left to move on to the next one. It's downfall for some, ...  More Sep 26th 2016

A new game to help Ted survive the apocalypse

Gee, games are getting grittier and grittier these days. A few weeks ago, we at the FeedMyApp offices reviewed a pretty good but fairly low-fi game with a storyline that involved saving the people from a town from devastating floods. Talk about art imitating life. This week we have a game that goes one step further. 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure is a game for iOS that is precisely what it says it is in its title. This beautifully animated game gives you a mere 60 seconds to gather your flock and your essential supplies together and get them down into the shelter before the apocalypse hits. ...  More

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure Sep 22nd 2016

Salesforce deployment made quicker and easier

It's all very well for businesses to come up with updated configurations of their product with the aim of making them even more efficient - but it can be an altogether different matter when trying to put those ideas into practise. If you use a case and task management system like Salesforce it can be quite a task in itself to always have the most recent version of a project available and to be able to differentiate between the development and production models. Unfortunately, the problems don't end there. Even when you've successfully identified the latest configuration there's often a ...  More

deployPKG Sep 21st 2016

Make new friends in your own private video chat room

It's seems that more relationships are formed on the internet these days than they are in the local bar or nightclub. That's certainly true when it comes to the 'western' world where it's so simple to connect on our mobiles as well as our desktop at home. Some just want to chat with likeminded and interesting individuals while others want to take it a little further. Apps like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Kik and even Chatroulette have fulfilled this service in the past but now there's a new dedicated contender for the position.  More

FlirtyMania Sep 11th 2016

Be like a local when you visit new places

The last time I went on a road trip in the US i did a lot of planning and research beforehand. I not only mapped out the route we wanted to take but I also penciled in a whole batch of places I wanted to see. The Madonna Inn just up from LA in San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle up the coast at San Simeon and the Aquarium at Monterey were the first three on my list. However, on our travels, I lost count of the amount of times that locals told me about the amazing places I'd missed on the way. I specifically remember being told about great eating places, quirky monuments and the sheer beauty of ...  More

UrbanBird - Discover local places, explore nearby with UB Sep 11th 2016

Find the best t-shirts on Amazon in minutes

A great t-shirt can say a lot about a person - without the need for them to even open their mouth. Whether it's a cool design, a favorite band or a statement to make - when you find it, you wanna flaunt it. But it's the finding of it that can be the hard part. There are so many t-shirts advertised for sale on Amazon, for instance, that it almost turns into a full time job searching through them all trying to find the one that inspires you. That's why Teepy was put together.  More

Teepy - Find Awesome Tees Sep 8th 2016

An easy way for employees to clock in and out

Business has enough to worry about these days without having to keep track of employees' working hours. In many cases it's hard enough to keep the doors open let alone having one person spend much of their time tracking time sheets and finding out who did what on which day of the week. Throw in leave management, appointment setting and analyzing the state of the business and it's almost a full time position. To fully automate many of these services would not only make a business more efficient, it would also save a lot of time and money.  More

BadgeBox Sep 8th 2016

An alternative to Twitter that makes finding things you are looking for a lot easier

While Twitter has a lot going for it, there's no doubt that it can get a little hectic at times. Living up to its reputation as being the SMS of the Internet, it had more than 310 million monthly users as of March 2016. As you can imagine, with that many people on board and the vast volume of data being sent on a daily basis, it can get a little crazy. What's more, it can be hard to follow streams that you are interested in and difficult to create a focused and more intimate conversation about your preferred subjects. To make life easier, a group of enterprising developers have come up ...  More

Mabzy 3.0 Sep 2nd 2016

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