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Why buy audiobooks when you can rent them?

I guess it was really only a matter of time before renting audiobooks was an option. It happened many years ago to the music industry before the digital revolution kicked in. Back when that happened though, you had to physically take yourself to a music rental store and hand over your personal details and a small fee to take home your vinyl, cd or cassette tape. At the time, record companies were incensed because renters would generally take their goodies home and copy them so they could 'own' them forever.  More

AudiobookLender Audio Book Rentals Mar 16th 2019

If you're looking for the cheapest and most reliable international phone calls, look no further

When you create a communication app with an aim to save customers money on overseas phone calls and you stick on a tagline that says that you 'want to be the cheapest calling app' you know that you've got a lot to live up to. The truth is, there are a squillion apps out there that all claim to be the cheapest on the market. However, when one does come along with that tagline and you find out that the developer has been working at Telecom for over fifteen years and has contacts galore all around the globe, it might be time to sit up and take a little more notice.  More

Phoober Mar 5th 2019

The everyday trivia quiz show app where you can win cash prizes

There's something about a trivia quiz that people just love. It doesn't matter whether it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on TV , Trivial Pursuit as a board game or simply your local pub trivia night - people love to watch them and take part.  However, while there are quite a few trivia games available in the various app stores you won't find too many with the earning power that this one has. The catchily named That's Right is a free live game show app for both Android and iOS that gives you two chances to win a cash prize every night.  More

That's Right Mar 4th 2019

Ah-ha, me hearties. A challenging game where you must sail your ship through hazardous waters

When I was a kid I lived in a small seaside town where nothing much really happened. Every year, however, a travelling fair would turn up to provide entertainment for the townsfolk. There'd be the usual mix of typical carnival style rides and games to spend our money on. Most of the games were pretty easy to play - capturing plastic ducks with a hook and flipping ping pong balls into a fishbowl - but there was one game that was almost impossible to beat. It was called Buzz Wire. It was a 'steady hand' game with the aim being to guide a grip mounted loop through a wire maze without touching ...  More

Sailor King Feb 20th 2019

An addictive and fun game thats taking the internet by storm

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people play games on their phones as we all commute to and from work each day. It's hard not to peek over a shoulder and watch as their fingers and brains work overtime in the morning and evening travels. Games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds are still pretty popular but there's always the odd one that surprises me because I haven't seen it before as I 'eavesdrop.' Sometimes, you see a game that looks like it could be the next 'big thing' and that's where this games comes in.   More

Jump Down Feb 14th 2019

Automate your friends so you never miss their birthday again

There was a time in life when we had all this information safely tucked away in our brain. We could remember people's street addresses, their phone numbers, their birthdays. It was all in our heads. I can still remember telephone numbers that I had many, many years ago. These days we are all so busy and pre-occupied so we have our mobiles to remind us of some of the things that are important. We don't have to worry about street addresses anymore because nobody sends letters but phone numbers and birthdays are essential.   More

gifthive Feb 12th 2019

Find the best localised social media, discounts and deals worldwide

You know, I'm always appreciative of a new method of getting one's advertising material across to the general public. Advertisers have tried so many different methods over the years but they generally get thwarted by the majority of their intended audience - much of the time on principle. With a lot of app advertising these days, you can pay a small premium so you don't have to see them. But, in reality, all these advertisers want to do is to show you their goods, place a good deal in front of you and save you a bit money. To put it bluntly, advertising is a legitimate part of everyday ...  More

IgTwit Feb 9th 2019

Wanna become a Forex trader? This is where you start.

I think it was Warren Buffet who once famously stated that investing isn't a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with the 130 IQ. His point being, of course, that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to make money trading currency on Forex. You just have to understand 'the game' and be well informed. So, how do you get into the game? Well, there are hundreds of books out there - most of which claim to be the best on the market. Then there are the seminars and workshops where experts will tell you their secrets to successful trading. There are even colleges that reckon they ...  More

Forex Hero – trading game Jan 25th 2019

Find inner peace with this new meditative strategy game

Different people desire different things from their gaming experience. Some want adventure games with lots of back story while others want puzzle games to test their brain and their logic. Some want games filled with fast-paced action while others would rather go for educational games involving math and science. However, over the last few years there has been a development towards calmer and more thought- provoking games. These are games that are played with the head rather than with an adrenaline filled heart. These games are almost uncategorisable but can be loosely filed under the title ...  More

Ambit Jan 23rd 2019

An SOS lifeline for our elderly relatives at the touch of a button

No matter where we are in the world, it's safe to say that care for the elderly is a major problem that is beginning to reach danger point. In the US, for example, there will be over 72 million people aged 65 or over by 2030. In Australia there are over 100,000 elderly citizens who are waiting for home care packages to be provided. In the UK it's said that 97% of older people dread the thought of moving into an age care facility. The bottom line here is that our populations are growing older and Governments (and concerned families) are having great difficulty in finding the money to fund ...  More

My SOS Family Jan 16th 2019