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Find the best t-shirts on Amazon in minutes

A great t-shirt can say a lot about a person - without the need for them to even open their mouth. Whether it's a cool design, a favorite band or a statement to make - when you find it, you wanna flaunt it. But it's the finding of it that can be the hard part. There are so many t-shirts advertised for sale on Amazon, for instance, that it almost turns into a full time job searching through them all trying to find the one that inspires you. That's why Teepy was put together.  More

Teepy - Find Awesome Tees Sep 8th 2016

An easy way for employees to clock in and out

Business has enough to worry about these days without having to keep track of employees' working hours. In many cases it's hard enough to keep the doors open let alone having one person spend much of their time tracking time sheets and finding out who did what on which day of the week. Throw in leave management, appointment setting and analyzing the state of the business and it's almost a full time position. To fully automate many of these services would not only make a business more efficient, it would also save a lot of time and money.  More

BadgeBox Sep 8th 2016

An alternative to Twitter that makes finding things you are looking for a lot easier

While Twitter has a lot going for it, there's no doubt that it can get a little hectic at times. Living up to its reputation as being the SMS of the Internet, it had more than 310 million monthly users as of March 2016. As you can imagine, with that many people on board and the vast volume of data being sent on a daily basis, it can get a little crazy. What's more, it can be hard to follow streams that you are interested in and difficult to create a focused and more intimate conversation about your preferred subjects. To make life easier, a group of enterprising developers have come up ...  More

Mabzy 3.0 Sep 2nd 2016

A productivity app to make your ongoing jobs easier to follow

Back in the day, businesses used to have a foreman to oversee work and to make sure all employees operated efficiently and jobs were completed on time and in proper order. While big businesses may still have a manager on site to ensure the smooth running of business, it's not so easy for the smaller organization that might not have the staff to ensure that everything runs to plan. So, if these are situations that your company faces everyday, here's a beautifully efficient new business and productivity app for iOS and Android that goes some way to fixing the problem.  More

eziTask Sep 2nd 2016

A game that brings climate change to the game table

The way that it looks at the moment, it won't be terrorism that brings the world to its knees. It'll be climate change and devastating floods. You just have to look at the recent disasters in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to know that torrential rain and rising water can cause as much damage and heartache as anything that we humans have to put up with. It's probably no coincidence that a new game has turned up on the market that echoes those themes of torrential rain and rising water levels.  More

Sweet Jump Aug 27th 2016

Send some happiness to your friends and put smiles on their faces

After working in retail for a few years I can attest that the shopkeeper's greatest weapon isn't flashy window displays or big tv advertising screens. It's the smile that you give a customer when they walk through the door. The truth is, smiles are infectious and it's hard not to smile back if you are flashed one. To show happiness - and the ability to pass it on - is probably one of the most powerful emotions that we possess. Here is a new app for iOS and Android that aims to take the concept of happiness to a completely new level.  More

My Happy Aug 16th 2016

Fulfill your cafe and WiFi needs with the ultimate coffee filter

I don't know about how it is where you are but coffee is a big deal where I live. Sometimes the aroma that pervades the atmosphere as one drives through certain suburbs on the way to the city is truly intoxicating. But of course, everyone has slightly differing tastes when it comes to coffee and many will drive past many many coffee shops to get to the one that makes it just the way that they like it. Some like their coffee beans to be all plucked from the same region while some prefer a blend of flavors. Some like to have a chat with fellow drinkers while others prefer to drink in ...  More

GoGoGuest Aug 15th 2016

Is this new photo game the next Pokemon Go?

You couldnt possibly have missed all the furore that has surrounding Nintendo's recently released Pokemon Go game. The game has taken the world by storm and is one of the first games that takes you away from the comfort of your own home to find Pokemon creatures dotted all over the landscape. Well, here's a new game for iOS that has a similar theme to it. Head Shot: Photo Assassin is a real world photo game that let's you compete against friends and family as well as any other competitors who may be playing around you.  More

Head Shot: Photo Assassin Jul 29th 2016

Save heaps by monitoring those bills that slip under the radar

Take a look around you when you are on the way to work tomorrow morning. If where you live is anything like where I live, you’ll see that retail stores are sadly dying a death. The online world is gradually taking over from the Main Street world and, more and more, we are doing much of our purchasing online. In many cases we use subscriptions to ensure that we'll never run out of stuff. It used to be just newspapers and magazines that we sign up for but these days we subscribe to everything from shavers, diapers, movies and music to our gym membership. The fact is, because it's so ...  More

Truebill: Find, Track, and Manage Your Paid Subscriptions and Recurring ... Jul 21st 2016

Hillary or the Donald? Here's a fun game to play while you wait for the election result in November

Could there be anything more wacky or crazy than the US Presidential election this time around? Elections are always pretty vitriolic at the best of times but this year they seem to have exceeded themselves. For a start, there’s Donald Trump. Here's a man who seems to want to run the show as if it were his personal game show. Then there's Hillary Clinton who can’t seem to convince the American people that she is trustworthy no matter what she says or does. Bernie Sanders reminds me of Moe  Szyslak from The Simpsons when he gets excited and then there's Ted Cruz and the ...  More

Political Pitfalls - Path to the White House Jul 18th 2016

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