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The best way to adopt a rescue cat in your local area

Outside of we humans, cats are among the most perplexing creatures on the planet. They can be described in many ways but the words that come to mind immediately are playful, aloof, inquisitive, aristocratic and social. However, the number one adjective that people use more often than any other is lovable. Consequently, cats give a huge amount of comfort to their owners and are great company for young and old. Some would even describe them as the purrfect pet. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.  More

Feline Finder Apr 20th 2017

Safe and convenient cloud-based HR management that you'll love

It’s a strange thing but the very last piece of the puzzle that business seems willing to computerise is the personal records of staff members. I'm not totally sure whether it's simply a privacy thing or something else, but while much of the rest of a company's activities are computerized, you'll often find that spreadsheets and paper still hold many of the personal details of staff members. This includes vacation planning, sick leave and salary as well as employees' names, addresses and contact details. While there used to be an argument for not keeping personal details of ...  More Apr 13th 2017

A more intimate social network with little background noise to disturb you

When talking with friends, the one problem that I constantly hear about Facebook is that it's becoming more and more infested with ads and with content that they just aren't interested in. They feel that Mark Zuckerberg's original vision has been lost to a constant stream of unwanted advertising, spam and, dare I say it, fake news. What's more, i've said myself for a few years now, that if you have more than 150-200 Facebook friends, it almost becomes a full time job trying to keep up with what they are all up to. Several social networks over the years have tried to muscle in on Facebook's ...  More

MemorySphere Apr 6th 2017

Throw your emojis away. This is computer art at its best

A couple of years ago, a company named Adtile Technologies came up with a revolutionary and very creative visual concept called MotionStack. It's a JavaScript-based motion processing library that allows you to integrate motion and spatial computing into your own web and native applications. It was designed to be used for a broad variety of motion-interactive experiences, from registering simple gestures to navigate through a project, to powering immersive and three-dimensional augmented and virtual reality environments. Now they've taken this concept one step further by introducing a new ...  More

SpinMagic Apr 4th 2017

Save time and money by changing your purchase ordering system

It's said that, for every one hundred purchase orders that are created, ten of them will have some sort of problem or mistake connected to them. You might have two people ordering the same item or an invoice that's higher than the quoted price. It happens every day at some businesses. Now, that's not quite so drastic for a smallish company where the purchase officer will often follow an order through from beginning to end but, for larger businesses, it will often involve three different departments that have to collaborate. What's more, the purchase authorization, goods receiving and ...  More Mar 30th 2017

A better way to find the love of your life - Self Match

If you are looking to use the Internet to help form a meaningful relationship, there's a million ways you can do it on the net! Most relationship sites offer pretty much the same kind of thing with only a few breaking the boundaries to offer something a little different. There's no denying their worth though. According to a recent survey, relationships formed online are second only to meeting through mutual friends as the most common way for couples to get together these days. There was a story from the US a couple of years back that suggested that close to 30% of recent marriages there ...  More

Self-Match Mar 30th 2017

Date collection made easy

What is data collection all about? Well, according to Wikipedia, Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes. Phew! It might sound a bit complicated for the average person to get their head around but, if I told you that it's the way that researchers, educators and innovators gather information to analyze the way that we live, it might be a little easier to comprehend.  More

Conseris Mar 29th 2017

Keep your website's legal policies viable with this free app

It may not be common knowledge but not having the correct privacy arrangements or the right terms and conditions on your website can expose your business to liability in a number of different ways. In many countries it is actually a legal requirement to feature them. They may be a necessary evil to some but to others they can be used to help protect a company from expensive litigation as well as helping you win over customer trust. However, as I'm sure we all know, legal services can be quite expensive to set up. So here we present an app that can save you a lot of time as well as a lot of ...  More

WebsitePolicies Mar 26th 2017

Tell this photoshop app what to do and it'll do it

We love a good photoshop app here at the FeedMyApp offices. Anything that offers up a new filter or a new feature is immediately gobbled up by our photo loving staff members. I think I have four or five of them on my device even as we speak but there's always room for more - especially if they offer something new. Here is a new photoshop application for iOS that offers several interesting features I don't think you'll find in too many similar apps.  More

PhotoPhonic Mar 24th 2017

Turn yourself into the new Spielberg in as little as 30 seconds

When you see interviews with famous film directors like Scorsese or Spielberg they will often talk about the things that inspired them to make movies when they were young. They will tell stories of getting out the Super 8 movie camera and filming their friends and family and showing the finished 'masterpiece' off to anyone and everyone who wanted to see it. The final touch would be the music that accompanied the film. It would set the mood for the piece and turn a silent film into something way more cinematic. One thing's for sure - it was a labor of love from beginning to end.  More

DRAMApp! Mar 20th 2017

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