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Treat your friends to a unique, real-life Dollop of fun

The art of gift giving has slipped away over the years. There was a time when it was the socially correct thing to send a small token of affection to an acquaintance with a birthday or a friend who might be sick or down in the dumps. These days we tend to consider a Facebook message as perfectly acceptable and, if you're lucky, you'll get a meme or an emoji thrown in for good luck. It's not that we don't care. I guess that it's all about convenience really, isn't it?  More

Dollop, Inc. Apr 29th 2016

Trade currency without risking your own money

I've often thought of the business of currency exchange as being one big game. While traders head to work each day thinking they are changing the world, I tend to think they are literally going out to bet on their future - in just the same way that we bet on horses. The only trouble with betting on horses - or the foreign exchange markets, if it comes to that - is that you can lose a lot of money. A safer way to play the markets is an iOS game like this one.  More

Cashout Apr 25th 2016

A new way of organizing your emails

It's been a while since there has been a new take on the email concept. I guess it's hard getting us out of our long held idea that incoming emails are viewed in a long list that starts at newest and ends as oldest. It's been the way we've done it for years but times have changed a fair bit. The main problem is that we tend to get way more emails these days than we've ever received before. That email that we received a couple of days back - and needs replying to now - could have got lost in the maelstrom because it is listed several pages back in proceedings.  More

Unibox Apr 25th 2016

Send a virtual slap instead of a real one and avoid getting arrested

Have you ever felt the need to slap or punch someone for doing something stupid? Yeah well, you can get arrested for that and it's damned dangerous and the wrong thing to do, so don't do it. However, now you can release your emotions and send a message at the same time by sending a virtual playful punch or slap to friends, family or your workmates with just a tap of the finger.  More

Kotak - the App That Slaps Apr 24th 2016

Your online companion to staying healthy

Everyone's aim seems to be to get healthier and fitter these days, isn't it? It used to be the domain of the New Years resolution but all you have to do is to look at the Main Street retail market and all the new store openings seem to be health or fitness related. Wellness Nova is a new health and lifestyle app that aims to deliver everything connected with having a more healthy life. This app gives you all the news and views on natural therapies, natural remedies and healthy eating and drinking as well as plenty of other tips to keep you fit and well for the 21st Century.  More

Wellness Nova Apr 22nd 2016

The place to write, read and share poetry with a like-minded community

The power of the written word is second to none as far as I'm concerned. Many would regard poetry as a thing of yesteryear but all I can say is that, when you've ingested a piece of Robert Frost's work, you'll understand how the simplicity of words on paper can have as much of an a effect on your life now as it might have done when it was originally written. Poetizer is a free social poetry and writing app for iOS and Android that aims to bring the art of poetry back to lovers of fine writing.  More

Poetizer Apr 21st 2016

24 hour smart photo printing with a social element

The emphasis has gone off of printed photos over the last few years. We have tended to keep our photos stashed away on our phones, our computers and in the cloud these days - more for convenience than anything else. However, I went around to a friend's place the other day and they brought out their paper photo collection and I can only describe it as pure delight. To feel those photos in my hand and in their glorious colors was something I had almost forgotten about.  More

Znapify Apr 20th 2016

A powerful, flexible and easy to use app for investors big and small

You'll have to excuse me a little here because i'm in no way an expert on the stocks, shares and investment market. However, one thing that has become patently clear as a result of the events of the GFC back in 2008-9,  is that the more knowledge you possess, the better success you can have. This is particularly true for 'mom and dad' investors. Thankfully, help is on the way.  SynVero is a powerful, flexible and easy to use stocks and finance app for investors big and small that aims to deliver all the information you need to be a success - without having to have a degree in ...  More

SynVero Apr 15th 2016

Donate to your favorite charity by getting business to pay

I don't know about you but I've lost count of the amount of phone calls I get every week asking for charitable donations. As Governments pull back on their funding of notable causes, the onus falls more and more onto the individual to make up the shortfall. I'm sure we'd all like to reach into our pockets to help out but that's not always possible because of our financial situations. So, how about if we could find a way to hand over some cash to worthy causes every day by getting businesses to foot the bill?  More

Tinbox Apr 12th 2016

A photo sharing social network that can localize your posts

When the whole social network thing started in earnest many years ago, the whole idea was based on the concept of spreading your news and stories far and wide. The trend recently, however, has tended to make them more targeted to the specific people that you want to reach. Whooopla is a new social photo app for web, iOS and Android that refines that theory by letting you choose the destination of your posts. Rather than blindly sending posts out into the stratosphere for all to see, this social network gives both posters and receivers a plethora of options.  More

whooopla (iOS) Apr 12th 2016

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