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The perfect companion piece to Salesforce CRM that does everything except make tea

What most of us really need in our business life is a damned good personal assistant. Someone who could organise us better, someone with all the relevant details of customer communications at their fingertips and someone who has all the up-to-date information that we need to take our business further. It would be a bonus if they could make a decent cup of tea or coffee to go with it but that could be asking too much. Unfortunately, the days of PA's for sales teams is pretty much over these days. However, if your sales team don't mind foregoing their tea or coffee there is another way of ...  More

Veloxy Jan 3rd 2019

What's the easiest way to get a job done? Hire a local

If you check the unemployment figures around the world you might be forgiven for thinking that the job market hasn't been as healthy as it is now for many years. The US is sitting on 3.7% right now and the UK at 4.1%. The bad news though is that close to one third of unemployed people are under 25 and that figure is even higher if you are over 55. The younger ones are able bodied and ready to work and the older ones have all the skills you'd ever need but employers would rather choose someone younger. Add these to the number of underemployed - people who aren't getting as many hours as ...  More

wage app Dec 21st 2018

Print your photos and documents directly from your Android device with ease

Android phones and tablets have proven over the years to be a worthy rival to the behemoth that is Apple and they can do many of the things that iOS is famous for. They can store all your favorite music, take and store great photos and they can handle very large documents with ease. What's that other thing they can do? Ahhh yes, you can even make phone calls with them. They're a bit like the transponder from the Star Trek series though I don't think they've mastered beaming Scotty up yet. One of the many other things they can do is to print images directly from the device.  More

NokoPrint Dec 20th 2018

Improve your eyesight using age old techniques and modern day technology

Back in the 1920's, eye care physician William Horatio Bates published his masterwork book titled Perfect Sight Without Glasses. In it, he attributed nearly all of our sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes. He suggested techniques that centred on visualisation and movement and placed particular emphasis on imagining black letters and marks and their 'movements.' While many of his theories have been criticised by 'experts' over the years, anecdotal evidence has consistently shown that there is more than a modicum of sense to his theories. Mind you, it wouldn't be the first time that ...  More

SniperSight Nov 29th 2018

Make a video will to back up your paper one

Death is a thing that many of us just don't want to confront. I guess we think that' the more we talk about it, the more likely it is to occur. However, as they say, the only two things that never change in this world are the paying of taxes and our inevitable demise. The next question that has to be dealt with is what we do with our money and our possessions after we've gone. For some reason that I've never been able to quite fathom, a traditional written will kit can set you back quite a bit. What's more, given the vagaries of the law and the fact that so many written contracts can be ...  More

mylastwill Nov 28th 2018

Keep track of your road toll payments in real time

Governments the world over are running out of money. They've committed themselves to so many things that there's not enough left in the pot to pay for important things like infrastructure and new roads. Consequently, they are turning more and more to private enterprise to fund new highways and bridges the world over.   More

Real Time Tolls Nov 20th 2018

Poll a random audience to see which photo shows your best side

We humans are strange creatures. We will happily offer an opinion on everyone and everything when it comes to other people's social media photos but, when it comes to our own, we seem to find it a real problem. Maybe we love them all and find it hard to decide. Maybe we simply hate them all. So how do we solve this? Do we ask all our friends to come around and offer their opinions (be prepared for some honest answers though) or do we just chuck them all out there and hope for the best? Well, here's an idea. Why not crowdsource a whole bunch of random opinions from people you don't know and ...  More

picpic Nov 14th 2018

The easiest way to get last minute tickets to the top music, theatre and sporting events

Millennials probably won't remember but it wasn't that long ago that you could just show up on the day and buy a ticket at a venue to catch the best shows, gigs or sporting events in town. Unless it was something very special and in high demand all you had to do was to turn up at the box office, hand over your hard-earned cash and you could walk right in. Now, if you're loaded with cash there are always ways to get a same day ticket but these days, you tend to have to book weeks or sometimes months ahead if you want to get a decent seat at a reasonable price for the top events. Even then, ...  More

Vivid Seats Nov 1st 2018

An all in one suite of tools to monitor your business competition

No matter what we do in life, it's been drilled into us over the years to not worry too much about what other people are doing as long as we concentrate on making sure that the things we do ourselves are top notch. Nowhere is this truer than in business. If we have confidence that the products we sell, the deals we offer and the services we present are up to scratch, then it doesn't matter what other companies are doing. But that was the old days. You see, the nature of business has changed over the last few years. These days, it has become vitally important for the health of a business to ...  More

Competitors App Oct 17th 2018

Use state of the art AR technology to work out the exact cost of that item you are sending

According to ParcelBroker director Gregg Temperley, the biggest customer complaints - after late or damaged parcels - that are levelled at companies when couriering items around the world are incorrect delivery charges. This is quite often caused by the inaccurate measurement of items apparently. You'd think it would be pretty simple, wouldn't you? You've got a box and you just measure it. Well, that's all very well when it is all boxed up and ready to go but, it's not quite so simple when you have to estimate a postage price on an item that isn't packed yet.   More

ParcelBroker – AR Box Measure & Send App for Android Oct 2nd 2018

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