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12ish helps passionate people make money by talking about the things they love. Set a weekly schedule and a price, and people can book a phone call with you. Both your phone and theirs ring at the scheduled time and 12ish bridges them privately for precisely 12.5 minutes. Payment is collected automatically and delivered to you.
You could talk about bungee-jumping, religion, activism, or just share a killer brownie recipe. Imagine a classroom booking a famous astrophysicist to answer students' questions about science. Or if there's an interesting blogger you follow, imagine being able to have a personal call with them by booking them straight from their website using a 12ish embed.
Create as many topic pages as you like with their fast and fun page builder -- each topic has its own permanent url and price. Listen to recordings of calls you've had (if both parties consented). Use powerful embeds to become bookable directly from your website or blog. Start making a little money on the side just for being you. For freelancers, enjoy the power of getting paid for your time without worrying about the headaches of invoices and late payments.
Everything that comes with your account on 12ish is free. This means no credit card processing fees, phone call fees, and no charge for keeping your phone number hidden from the people who book your time. 12ish is made possible by taking a cut of each 12ish: $1 + 10% of the topic price. 

Last updated 16 Apr 2014

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