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Published 10 Nov 2011

For freelancers working alone there probably isn’t a simpler and easier way to keep track of time, expenses and mileage than 1DayLater. Whilst there are quite a few time and expense trackers out there you often get a lot of stuff you don’t need but this one does exactly what it says on the tin.


It’s nice to keep it simple and simplicity often gives a clearer picture which is certainly the case here. With a clear interface you can effortlessly create accounts and add expenses and mileage under your specified tags for easy identification and the auto-timer can make sure you don’t miss out on a minute of billable time. Notes can also be added to entries to provide plenty of back-up for the eventual client invoice.


Making sense of the data you’ve entered is also a breeze with a reporting function that sets it all out in chart format showing you where your time, money and tire rubber goes.


The basic plan is free forever and will allow you to enjoy all of the above features. The premium service will currently set you back just £5 ($8) a month and for this you’ll be able to export data to spreadsheets, calculate mileage claims and actually turn all of your accumulated outlay into an invoice.


Whatever plan you choose you’ll be able to run an unlimited number of projects, clients and tags and use the reports to analyze both your current situation and how you’ve...