Developer description

2020 Election Soundboard has the funniest sounds from Trump, Biden, Bernie, and other relevant candidates in the 2020 Presidential race.

The app is completely non-partisan, and it seeks to find the best, funniest sounds from all candidates in an unbiased manner. There are over 150 sounds currently on the app, with more being added regularly.

You can share your favorite sounds very easily! Simply swipe left on any sound and you can text it to your friends.

Here is a full list of the candidates we have on the app:
We have sounds from these candidates:

- Donald Trump
- Joe Biden
- Bernie Sanders
- Elizabeth Warren
- Kamala Harris
- Cory Booker
- Andrew Yang
- Pete Buttigieg
- Tulsi Gabbard
- Tom Steyer
- Mike Bloomberg
- Amy Klobuchar

2016 Candidates
- Hillary Clinton

Last updated 2 Jun 2020

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