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Published 25 May 2012

Forecasting what's going to happen in the future is generally thought to be in the realm of old ladies with scarves on their heads and a crystal ball in front of them. That may be okay for the casual observer but that's not the way business forecasts future developments. 25trends is a Twitter analytical tool that does a complete rundown on what is trending and being talked about on the social network phenomenon. Find out exactly what is being discussed on Twitter fast so that you and your business can react to it first and get a leg up on your opposition.
25trends lets you know exactly what's going on and is being talked about right at this very second on Twitter...and delivers it in an interface where you can view the information in a single glance. 25Trends gives your business the opportunity to compile and analyze exactly what people are tweeting about a place, a topic, a person or a product. Maybe you are looking for a celebrity to front your advertising campaign for a specific product or event. While you could pick up a copy of Grazia to see who is on the cover. Or maybe you could just throw your advertising budget at Kim Kardashian and gamble that she won't be caught up in controversy by the time your product is ready for launch. But then imagine if you had caught the Twitter buzz on Robert Pattinson before the Twilight saga...