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Published 25 May 2012

[cont'd] movies had exploded. You would probably have secured him for a good price just as his public profile was going through the roof. 25Trends will search Twitter for you, then analyze and aggregate the words,  links and tags and provides you with a visual presentation of the buzzing words and a lot of other useful statistics.
In business, you can't have too much analysis - assuming you have the time to achieve it. 25trends delivers a Twitter analysis of trending topics, top links and top tweets on the social network and delivers up to date information fast and you can view it all at a glance. It also looks at the general mood of tweeters to the subject matter to see if their response is a positive or a negative one. Something that is often mentioned in business these days is the ability to see the big picture. 25trends gives you a chance to forecast future events based on information garnered now. It's never going to be easy to forecast where things will be in six months or six years from now if it comes to that. 25trends is a free Twitter analyzer that gives you a better chance than your competition.