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Romance lets the app grow fonder

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2gether app is an intimate space designed for growing your relationship with your better half. ... More

Editor's review

Published 28 Jul 2013

Romance...it's a beautiful thing. It's claimed that this 2gether application was "born to decrease the number of divorces." Well, I'm not so sure about that but it is certainly an app that encourages better communication between partners wherever they may be. The delightfully named 2gether provides an intimate place for lovers to share thoughts, photos, moods and calendars as well as a "Tamagotchi" style in-app plant that the lovers have to nurture and flourish to keep it, as well as your relationship, fresh and alive.
2gether app is an intimate space designed for growing your relationship with your better half. By planting seeds together, your connection to your partner can blossom beyond your imagination - even if you are separated by distance and time. You can stay constantly connected and send pictures and messages of special and quirky moments in your life. Soothe the downs of a relationship by showing your lover what mood you are in. Stay organized and on the ball with mutual appointments and important dates by using the shared calendar to plan moments around each other’s busy lives. To help your relationship grow, 2gether has created an in-app plant which the couple must maintain together to flourish and to maintain the initial love spark you can purchase presents, trips and activities which can be gifted to each other. You can even create wish lists that you can send to your partner. The more you interact and grow closer together, the more bonus points you will receive which unlocks lots of special features to enhance the experience between the pair. 2gether is perfect for  boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancées, husbands, wives or loved ones.
There are certain people I know that would absolutely love this romance app for mobiles but I can this app being of greatest benefit to couples that are estranged and on different parts of the planet for one reason or another. 2gether is a simple to use app that aids communication as well as adding a nice fun and intimate aspect to your relationship. You can share pictures and thoughts and plan activities together using the calendar - a very useful tool for the forgetful partner - but it's most unique element probably lies in the in-app plant that the two of you have to look after and nourish. A nice little symbolic touch for two lovers who want something to keep them constantly attached.

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