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Romance lets the app grow fonder

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Published 28 Jul 2013

[cont'd] points you will receive which unlocks lots of special features to enhance the experience between the pair. 2gether is perfect for  boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancées, husbands, wives or loved ones.
There are certain people I know that would absolutely love this romance app for mobiles but I can this app being of greatest benefit to couples that are estranged and on different parts of the planet for one reason or another. 2gether is a simple to use app that aids communication as well as adding a nice fun and intimate aspect to your relationship. You can share pictures and thoughts and plan activities together using the calendar - a very useful tool for the forgetful partner - but it's most unique element probably lies in the in-app plant that the two of you have to look after and nourish. A nice little symbolic touch for two lovers who want something to keep them constantly attached.