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2Tangos is a service that brings users together to teach each other new skills, and trade their ... More

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Published 22 May 2012

2Tangos is really all about trading knowledge within your local community via your social networking community. It's a place where you can collaborate with people in the know to learn that special thing or things that you've always wanted to master. And in the spirit of sharing knowledge you can reciprocate by letting others know some of the skills that you possess so that they can benefit from your wisdom in the same way that you are doing the same for others. It helps you connect with people in your local area rather than scouring local papers for expensive expert advice.
2Tangos is a service that brings users together to teach each other new skills as well as trading their own knowledge with someone in their city. Users enter up to three things they are interested in learning and something they’d be willing to teach someone in their city or local area. Enter up to 3 things you'd like to learn and up to 3 things you could teach. Lets assume you are a reasonably proficient photographer in San Francisco who would love to take up yoga,  is keen on cooking and always wanted to know how to ride a bike. Maybe there is someone in San Fran who loves taking photos but needs some good advice on the finer points of photography. She may even be a yoga teacher. When the pair list their skills and their want's into 2Tangos alongside their city they can be matched up and are introduced to each other by email using their selected online profile such as Facebook or Google. Once a match is found both users are sent a notification directing them to an introduction page and letting them contact each other online. If that suits both parties they can arrange to meet up and teach the skills they possess.
2Tangos was created based on an existing study principle called Tandem which you may have heard about as it is often found in universities around the world. It's the simple act of matching people with the skills they possess saving money and saving heaps of time hunting the net or local media. The rest is up to the participants after they are introduced by email. 2Tangos is a very social way of learning things you've always wanted to pick up on. It's a simple to use free app that is a damned good way of learning as well as gaining you some potential new friends.

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