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Developer description

Life is a beautiful and precious god given gift! As a part of our life's journey we experience good and bad consequences of our own karma. For the people who want to give a better meaning to their lives, Lets Nurture; a company based in Ahmedabad has come up with an application named '365 Life Quotes'.

The 365 Life Quotes application has been created to share the best quotations on life and love and is aimed to motivate, inspire and bring a smile on your face.
Let us know about some of the sections of the app that you can explore:

• Compliment 3 people everyday: Once you have a look at these quotes, you will not have to find reasons to compliment the people around you. There are obvious and the best ways to praise someone. Find out how, through this app
• Remember other people's birthday: This is the best feature of this app for the people who tend to forget birthdays. You will not have to face any embarrassment or anger from your loved ones as the app will remind it to you on the right time
• Confidence boosting quotes: There are quotes that boost the confident and suggestions like having a firm handshake, looking into the eye when talking and other motivational quotes.

With such amazing 365 life quotes for each day, each day will inspire you. So download it and make each day count!

Last updated 23 May 2014