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Published 2 Oct 2013

[cont'd] products and easily resize or recolor them. Create your own virtual seating plan that can be filled in with as many details as the guests' dietary needs and then view the final event design in realistic 3D. Events Clique also offers additional event planning tools for a complete solution with users having access to user specific checklists so you can stay on schedule with complete progress tracking. To keep the budget on track there are also tools to ensure that the monetary side hasn't got out of hand. In true Lara Croft style you can even do a complete walk through of the floor plan online - just as if you were standing there in person. If there are things that don't quite work, you can easily switch products or change the colors until you get the exact design that you envisioned for the event. Finally. There’s also the option to share your designs on Facebook or by email with your family, friends, co-workers and participants.
Events Clique's 3D Event Designer is a superior piece of work that turns your event planning into a hell of a lot of fun. Forget about complicated floor plans drawn on obscure computer programs or copious amounts of foolscap-sized paper because all the leg-work dissolves when using this quite beautiful set of event management tools. I found it an absolute pleasure to use and found it very user friendly if you are familiar with the 3D gaming culture of...