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Published 17 Mar 2013

[cont'd] relationship at the point of care so that doctors can review and discuss common heart problems and treatment options with patients as well as with their colleagues.
I think it's safe to sat that we will be seeing plenty more apps like this one coming onto the market over the next year or so. With the technology available on our mobile phones these days it's easy to see how they could be used as a really good educational tool. Doctors seem to have adopted the smartphone technology really well. In fact, it was only a couple of months ago that I got a call from a doctor friend asking for apps that will keep his child patients distracted while he treats them. The 3D InterActive Heart is a simple and quite beautiful IPad and iPhone app that gives multiple views and angles on the human heart enabling your doc to explain to a patient in acute detail just how he plans on treating their problem. This isn't it's only use, of course, as it can easily be used as an educational tool. However, it is very a handy tool for the doctor to keep in his pocket and whip out when visiting patients.