Developer description

3DKUMO© enables seamless synchronization for access to all your 3D models across all Internet enabled devices.
View, organize, rotate, and share in 3D were ever you are, whenever you want, and with whomever you choose.

-Clean, simple and intuitive interface.
-Scroll through and manage 2D thumbnails of 3D models, quickly navigating your files.
-Just 'tap' to open 2D images of models in 3D. Zoom, Orbit and "double tap" to reset the view.
-Organize your 3D objects into Albums quickly.
-Email WebGL links, Models and images to friends, colleagues and clients.
-Store in the cloud for FREE and never loose a file again.
-Store in the cloud and access on the go.
-Store in the cloud and locally on your iphone
FREE storage up to 500mb!
3DKUMO© app

The 3DKUMO app for iphone and ipad just makes the 3DKUMO experience so much better!

Last updated 29 Jan 2016

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