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Stop Smoking - Start Playing!
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Published 25 Sep 2012

Smokers seem to have turned into the pariah of society in recent years to the point where they are hounded out from in front of buildings and, in some cases, even prevented from indulging their habit inside the house they own. Let's face it, given the price of a packet of fags today, if you haven't thought about giving it up by now you might have to search for better motivation to stop. Now, I'm not suggesting that 3D quit will do anything substantial to slow down your smoking habit but this pure entertainment app for iOS and Android might keep you amused for a bit and give you other things to do with your packet of Marlboro.
3Dquit offers something else for you to do with your cigarette packet when you nip off for that smoko later on today. This fun and entertaining app, designed for both high-end mobiles and tablets, aims to get you playing rather than smoking in this healthier and funnier alternative for your cigarette packet.  You can use the application to watch several pop-up 3D animations that magically appear on the most popular tobacco packages. With the app in early days you can only use it on a packet of Marlboro right now but more are being added with Camel being the next cab off the rank. It's pretty simple to use. After you have downloaded the app you just have to point your device's camera at the...