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Come see the 3D Marlboro Man

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Published 25 Sep 2012

[cont'd] logo of the chosen tobacco package from the activated brands. This is where the fun starts and your 3D augmented reality animations. When you tap the "stop-smoking" button, the 3D animation becomes more active. When you tap the "start-smoking" button, the 3D animation becomes less active. Each activated tobacco brand has a different animation, discover them all! Every month more brands will be added with different animations.
I guess the bottom line here is that when your hands are occupied while playing with your 3D animated cigarette packet the chances are that you aren't smoking at the same time so I guess technically 3D quit could be considered good for your health but it's probably stretching it a bit. However, the animations look pretty cool - my Marlboro man sits proudly atop my packet of smokes and I can wait to see the camel appear next time. 3D quit is a harmless piece of fun that's pretty easy to use and, while hardly being the thing that guarantees to break the ice at parties, it should keep you amused for a while.