Developer description

Web-based task managers are easy to come by, but all are not created equal, and the good ones usually come with a price tag. Enter 42tasks, a new free task online manager that aims to be more flexible than competitors.
42tasks is quite simple in purpose and function. Type a task, add an optional date and hit enter. You can add tasks to your inbox or to any of the categories you create, and you can drag and drop them to move them about. Tasks can be starred, arranged by date and checked off when completed.
iPhone application is on its way with a PC and Mac Desktop applications in early spring.
42tasks is the first product from 42tasks team, a newly founded software startup focused around working and productivity and based in London. The team is hoping to build a strong fan base with this first release, and designs to use this group to learn more about how people work with tasks and productivity.
Just weeks old, 42tasks is already proving to be an early success with productivity types. The product has more than 10,500 users who have created upward of 300,000 tasks.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011