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Published 15 Jul 2013

While there are plenty of free clipart and vector sites available on the internet, there can be very few that are quite as comprehensive as this one. 4Vector contains a vast selection of free, high quality vectors, backgrounds, graphics and clipart that could well end up becoming the designers' best-kept secret. 4Vector is a simple to navigate library with a search engine to help you find pretty well any free logo, badge or brand name as well as a ton of beautifully drawn original images to brighten up your artwork.
4Vector is one of the biggest vector image libraries online and provides more than 180,000 free vectors, backgrounds, clip arts, graphics and more to make your design work a hell of a lot easier. This leaves more time to focus on design rather than a neverending search for company logos and clipart. If you are looking for a free collection of vectors and clipart for Sydney Australia, for example, just type in the relevant word and you will be served up plenty of company logos and clip art related to the subject. My Sydney search produced over 45 different images. If you search for something as simple as strawberries, however, you will see a plethora of beautiful strawberry artworks. All the content on 4Vector is royalty free and will only take a second to grab. So, rather than hunting the web for the relevant company logs, clip art and backgrounds this application has everything you need in one place.
One of the more time consuming aspects of design is the constant struggle to find the correct company logos and relevant clip art for the job you are doing. It can take ages to search and make sure that you have the right one for the job. 4Vector simplifies the search process by providing nearly a couple of hundred thousand of them - all neatly laid out, clean and fully searchable. All the material found at 4Vector is totally royalty free and free to download and the site is very user friendly. This is yet another graphics application that designers of all sorts will have to investigate.

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