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Bored with traditional messaging apps for Androids? Your messages no longer have to be boring and dull. 5DSMS is a text messaging app that simply takes your SMS texting to a new level. 5DSMS is a simple and fun SMS app that allows you to write messages in colors of your choice.

Want to highlight something in your text? Just type it different color. It’s always fun to have a colorful conversations with your loved ones. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life, with 5DSMS you can keep your texting experience separate. With 5DSMS you can create custom characters, words and phrases with customized color options. You get 100 words with different colors – it’s pretty special way of texting with this text messenger application.

This messaging app comes with a bunch of FEATURES:
- Customized Characters, Words & Phrases
- One tap to choose stunning colors for your messages
- Create a list of custom Words & Phrases with specific color
- Global Search for messages throughout the app
- Create your own custom keyboard (multiple keyboard options)
- Easy switch between your keyboards
- Share your custom keyboards with others
-Other users can use your keyboard and you can track the number of users
-Get rating for your keyboard from users
- Set as a default messaging app
- Quick Reply popup support

Beyond this, you may buy the 5DSMS Pro Keyboard for only 1 USD to get 500 words with different colors. Let there be no limit to your inner creativity and texting fun.

Let colors speak for you in all the dimensions. Let’s be creative.

Happy texting with 5DSMS!

Last updated 17 Apr 2018

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