Developer description

Virtualni Atlier d.o.o. releases 7 Alarms iPhone app

Virtualni Atelier has published a new iPhone app called 7 Alarms. The app is characterized by clear design and simplicity in use - everything you need is available on the main screen, you can set up your alarms with a few touches and swipes.

Instead of the usual wheel-picker, the app features an innovative custom control for setting the alarm time. Just swipe up/down to change the hours or left/right to change the minutes and your alarm is set. And if you want a few more minutes of sleep in the morning, you can set your snooze on the fly with just a few of swipes.

Pull to create a new alarm or swipe across any alarm to delete it.

Alarms can be assigned 7 different colors, each with a specific tune. Tunes vary from light and slow to fast and funky so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

The app can be downloaded for 0,99$ from the App Store.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015