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Keep an eye on your kids without appearing to be looking over their shoulder

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Published 25 May 2016

[cont'd] kids the feeling of safety without giving the impression that you are looking over their shoulder all the time. Just as importantly, it also makes it much more likely that they will cooperate and actually use the app.

When using 99check, you'll realize that your kids safety and security doesn't need to come at the expense of their privacy and freedom. Rather than being seen as constantly spying on them, this app lets you check on your children by asking them where they are only when you need to know. At the touch of a button, you'll stay connected with them whilst still respecting their personal space.

I really like the idea of 99check. It's different to many similar child security apps that I've seen in that it is subtle, fast and low key. I'm sure we can all remember being embarrassed by our parents checking up on us at some point in our lives. 99check keeps it discreet and simple by encouraging your child to take a selfie - something they seem to do all the time anyway - and you'll know where they are and that they are safe and well. 99check is available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on the App Store right now with an Android version coming soon.