Developer description

99Thinx is based on a quickly growing pool of interactive learning content, created by community members. Thus, 99Thinx facilitates the next generation of mobile social learning:
• Learning gets interactive, lightning fast and addictive.
• Knowledge increases in short learning units of just a few minutes.
• Learning with friends and competition for high scores.
99Thinx is exciting like a game, but also tremendously useful, as knowledge expands by the minute.
99Thinx aims to get as comprehensive as Wikipedia, but related to interactive learning content. The knowledge of the world, partitioned into small chunks that can each be consumed in a matter of minutes.
Anyone can contribute. Whether it’s about the players of a favorite club, preparation of Asian food, or mathematics rules: in just a few minutes new content can become available in 99Thinx. Consumers turn into producers. Friends can be supported, cheered, but also topped in the high scores.
Learning sheds its association of cumbersome boring work and turns into a passion that is equally addictive and useful. Each minute and each day provide progress and fun.
99Thinx can be downloaded on:

Last updated 17 Nov 2012