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Do you know how Einstein figured out his most famous equation- E=MC²?
Or why two eyes give you ... More

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Published 5 Nov 2012

Science is one of those weird anomalies in life. It seems that it was one of the things that kids hated most at school and yet, judging by the friends around me now, it seems to have become the thing that they want to learn more about. A Science Explore is an education and knowledge application containing facts and hidden knowledge on scientific subjects of all kinds.
Do you know how Einstein figured out his most famous equation- E=MC²? Or why two eyes give you better vision than one? How about what the famous physicist Galileo's full name is? Come with us on a journey where you'll uncover all types of facts and knowledge hidden in scientific subjects of all kinds. Learn about the periodic table of elements and explore each element's symbol, atomic number, atomic weight and type. Explore all of the scientific formulas such as Newton's Law of Motion and the Law of Acceleration. Selectively read all kinds of facts about different planets in the solar system and the moons that orbit them. Wherever your science interests lie this science application has a subject for it. Quiz yourself on what you learn and test your skills with the quiz feature and share your new-found scientific knowledge with your friends, family and teachers with the app sharing option! A Science Explore features scientific  information, a dictionary and factfile, periodic tables, a section on the solar system, formulas, projects, quizzes as well as  science questions and answers.
It's a subject that everyone loves yet most couldn't be bothered to learn it in school and the most unlikely people I know just explore the solar system going "wow." A Science Explore is a fun educational app that is packed with useful information but it would be difficult to call it over complicated. That is why it is useful for younger ones as well as older scientific enthusiasts. It has a simple clear interface that is easy to navigate giving you new facts about all elements of science.

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