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Published 27 Dec 2012

Some people are born to exercise and take to the regime of work and gym like a duck to water. For the rest of us it's not quite as easy as that and we may need a little something a little extra to keep us motivated. Ab Motivate FREE and PRO+ are a pair of new exercise, workout and general fitness applications for iOS that offers something different than most of the others. The main aim of this application is to try to keep up your fitness motivation so you don't do a couple of days of exercise, give up because its too hard and spend the next week laying on the couch. Nobody wants that, do they?
“Ab Motivate FREE: workouts and exercises” is a simple to use and totally unique exercise and workout app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is specifically designed to keep your motivation up when you feel like giving up! It focuses on your abs -an area that many of us want to tone up - with a program of six different exercises and four complete workouts.  When you provide your motivation and target date, customized messages remind you why you're working out and provide a countdown to your expected goals. The PRO+ version includes 21 extra exercises with full instructions and twelve more workouts to service all different levels of expertise. It features personalized motivational messages to urge you on when the going gets tough as well as an on-screen ticker with a countdown to your target date to keep you inspired. It also gives you tailorable workout reminders as well as your complete history of your workouts routines. The PRO+ version also means that you can get rid of the ads that feature in the FREE version. Whether you already do a daily abs workout routine or you just want to try a few exercises, this is the app for you!
Around this time of year many will use the motivation of New Year resolutions to do something about getting fitter. Motivation is the key word here and that is where Ab Motivate is different from many other exercise and fitness applications. By encouraging you constantly, the app is a bit like having your own personal trainer - but one that doesn't shout at you and charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege. The exercises are nicely illustrated, simple and clear to understand and the app is easy to use. There are even 'stadium cheers' to urge you on when you do well. What I liked most about it though was the target date with its countdown to success - which is equally a relief that the end is nigh as well as being a good motivator to keep going and do your best to get to your desired goal.

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