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Another Social Network? But this one is aimed straight at small business

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The only network for the small business community. Create a small business profile for ... More

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Published 28 Nov 2011

There have been many attempts but no one has really come up with a social network for the business community. LinkedIn does to some extent but it is more a referral for job prospects. Facebook and Twitter seem to be coming of age in a selling commodity but interaction between businesses is not a strong point for either. So maybe AboutOurWork can fill that gap. It's a social business network dedicated to helping your small business grow. 

As a group of serial entrepreneurs the developers struggled with how we can fit our business life into the existing social networking landscape. Facebook and Twitter work well for the business to customer relationship but not necessarily for business-to-business relationships. And LinkedIn focuses on personal profiles and functions more as a referral network for job seekers. So as a budding entrepreneur how do we promote, track and build relationships with other businesses? AboutOurWork is a network designed exclusively for small to medium-sized businesses making it easier for your company to build a professional online profile page and establish connections as you build your business relationships. In a matter of minutes you’ll have a stunning profile page for your business hosted on the AboutOurWork network which makes it easy for your company to get found online The analytical graphs and charts make managing your business connections a visually stunning experience. Make connections with other businesses on the network and see those relationships beautifully illustrated. Track how visitors are interacting with your business profile and market yourself more strategically. Retailers, law firms, design studios, restaurants, accounting firms, marketing teams, insurance agencies, development studios…and the list goes on. AboutOurWork is the perfect network for any small to medium-sized business in any industry. Build a profile for your company, make connections and watch your business grow!

If you are you an owner you're probably going to like AboutOurWork for your business! While there are squillions of social networking sites around there are very few that promote interaction between businesses effectively. AboutOurWork encourages connections with other businesses and allows your promotions to work more efficiently. Designed specifically for the small to medium business and packed with data and analysis, AboutOurWork is a colorful and free business app that can't be ignored.

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